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Feb 23, 2009 06:25 PM

Your top Fort Greene/CH Eats

I'm a new resident to the neighborhood, and I'm wondering what restaurants are great in the neighborhood! Great healthy dishes/restaurants with lean meat options are something I'd like to know more of. Thanks so much!

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  1. iCi, on DeKalb is my hands down favorite in FG
    if you read some of the threads about what to eat before/after BAM, you'll get a range of opionion . . .

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    1. re: pitu

      My favorites:

      Castros, for Mexican, or Chavellas, in the other direction (ProHeights/Stuy)
      Vegetarian Palate, for mock meats and Chinese (no decent other chinese)
      Taro, for Sushi
      Olea, is good for mezze/turkish
      Cafe Lafayette, is reliable for a quick weeknight dinner
      No 7, good for late night snacking & bar scene
      La Stalla, for cheap rotisserie chicken delivery

    2. Thanks! If anything else comes to anyones mind, feel free to post!

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        I like Choice Market on Lafayette & Grand, for coffee and some prepared foods, including some pretty good soups. The place seems to drive some people crazy but I think they do a good job of offering a lot and shifting over from one meal to the next. It's not really a sit down place--counter service and one not very big communal table. There are benches outside also, but sometimes there are smokers sitting there. They have some good healthy options, I think. A few months back, the owner opened "Choice Greene" on Greene & Grande, basically 2 blocks away. This is more of a market, with lots of cheeses, veggies, fish and some prepared foods, including some pretty good, fresh, but pre-made sushi.
        I also love Castro's for delivery and I think Luz's rotisserie chicken is the best I've ever had. They deliver, but if you eat there, you can enjoy some pretty good cocktails, too. iCi can be kind of hit or miss, in my mind. I've had some pretty good meals there, but I find they are not at all consistent in their preparations. I have ordered the same thing more than once and each time it is prepared very differently from the time before. I've had some good meals at Olea, too.

      2. not a big fan of castros, I prefer a latino place a little west of castros called el cofre... but that's not really a typical date place as castros is. more of a greasy spoon.
        Outstanding outstanding place: abistro off myrtle.
        I like buff patty for their bbq fried chicken pieces and other things
        little louies is not bad for pizza
        Ruthies is pretty good soul food.

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          I like that Castros has burritos the size of footballs.

          We tried to get delivery from El Cofre the other night and they told us we weren't spending enough for delivery (Carlton/Fulton) and called my wife "mami" on the phone. She was like "Ok, forget it" and ordered from La Stalla instead.

          El Cofre sent the frickin' delivery guy. When we figured it out and had to send the guy away, he was so sad. Maybe we'll try El Cofre again but they need to improve their CS skills.