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Feb 23, 2009 06:19 PM

Food at Hotel Figueroa?

I'm possibly having my wedding at the Hotel Figueroa downtown. They take care of everything, which is great, but I've yet to try the food. Anyone eaten there? Thoughts?

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  1. Just had the Margaritas by the pool before a Laker Game.. The Margaritas were good..

    1. It's so-so. I've had lunch and 2 events there. One of the events was better than the other. The better one had full buffet-style heavy apps. The other had just passed apps which were mediocre. Definitely try out different things before you commit to it.

      1. I recall an overblown moroccan themed dining area and style food for a friend's 40th bday. I didn't enjoy the food or departure from the original style of the place. Not sure if still this way there.