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Feb 23, 2009 05:36 PM

Zion National Park - any suggestions?

I am planning a trip to southern Utah this April and plan to stay in Springdale. Are there any food options? I heard there are slim pickins. Plus, is there anywhere I can get a drink?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Bit and Spur is a worthy option as long as you resist the temptation to apply "big city standards" to it. After a long day of hiking or rockclimbing, a good margarita and some hearty southwest food really hits the spot.

    The Mean Bean is a great coffee and breakfast option.

    Zion is one of the most amazing places I've been. The majesty of the park easily makes up for the paucity of culinary options.

    Have fun!

    1. Springdale has its share of places that serve good, solid food. As climberdoc says, don't apply "big city" standards. We were there last year at the same time as you plan to go, in April.

      We had a good breakfast at the Pioneer Lodge.

      Zion Pizza & Noodle has very good pizza with a variety of tasty toppings. As a bonus, there are several beers on tap. Unlike most parts of Utah, you can get brewskis. It gets pretty crowded here, so be forewarned.

      We also came upon a very good Thai restaurant (Thai Sipa) in the shopping area near the park entrance, but a search on the internet didn't turn anything up. It's possible that they closed its doors.

      As far as the famed bumbleberry pie at the Bumbleberry Restaurant, we were given a tip that a slice of pie can be purchased as the gift store across from the restaurant for half the price you'd pay for it in the restaurant itself. We did that and bought some ice cream at the grocery store. Delicious pie!

      Zion is indeed a breathtaking place. We took the majestic Angels Landing hike that will absolutely astound you. Unfortunately, our nerves failed us when we tried to get past Scouts Lookout, the final portion of the hike that climbs a narrow hogsback to the top.

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      1. re: chazuke

        I made a wrong statement. The name of the Thai restaurant is Thai Sapa and it appears to be alive and well.

        Thai Sapa
        145 Zion Park Blvd, Springdale, UT 84767

      2. Thanks for the info! I know this is not food-related, but do you recommend a good hotel? I was planning to stay at the Best Western, but they are already booked for one of the nights of the three I am planning to be there.

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          We spent the first night at the Bumbleberry Inn. The rest of the time, we spent at the Quality Inn, which was a great place to stay at. Not only was the staff very friendly and accommodating, but the establishment also serves a hot breakfast (gratis), not just the more traditional continental breakfast. I wouldn't hesitate to go back there again.

        2. Springdale is a wonderful place. For lodging, try the Desert Pearl, although it's probably booked. Ideal is a room on the river side. Also, the Red Rock Inn is great. Getting a drink is not a problem. In addition to other suggestions, the restaurant at Flannigan's Inn can be good (chef turnover has been a problem in the past) Oscar's is great for casual fare (can't remember if they have a liquor license) and although the food is nothing to write home about (but also, not bad) the view from the restaurant at Mt. Majestic is spectacular. The dining room at the Switchback is very pretty (part of the Best Western ) but avoid at breakfast, as it is served in an adjunct space and is crowded and noisy. The Pioneer is a good down home choice. Stop in at the Worthington gallery while you're there; the pottery is humdrum but they have some great Utah artists paintings, original and prints, on display. And be sure to check out Red Rock jewelry. Carla is a true artisan.

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            I remember Oscar's fondly, but the food was seasoned by a strong hunger because of days of long hikes!

          2. I second Zion Pizza & Noodle, pizza's & brews hit the spot after a long hike. For breakfast we like Oscar's. I also recommend the Desert Pearl Inn...riverside rooms are awesome.