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Feb 23, 2009 05:27 PM

Memphis Non-BBQ

I am hosting a semi-formal family dinner (14 People).

Is there a downtown restaurant that is not too stodgy that has fun/innovative food (entree 15-25) that would be a fun place to dine with family (we are all from out of town)?

Any cuisine is fine, but southern, Spanish, Italian would be high on my list.

Thanks for the Recs!

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  1. There are several places for you to consider. Majestic Grille (Southern) is right in your price range and does some really great stuff with as much seasonal and local as possible. Sole (New American) in the Westin is a newer addition to the downtown scene and is doing great stuff. Encore (Bistro with Spanish touches) would be another great choice.

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          Felicia Suzanne's is very good, but probably a little more than the frame given by the OP. I haven't been to Slim's since the changeover, but it's a fun and interesting place with a carribbean/southwest menu. If you like Aisan Fusion, BlueFin would also be an excellent choice. they do sushi, custom wood oven pizzas and a variety of aisan influenced modern dishes.

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            I have heard less than stellar reviews about Automatic Slim's since it was sold. If you are looking for something more private, you might consider the downstairs wine cellar at McEwens. Not sure if it seats 14, but it is a nice space. You can see it on their website. They are probably higher than your $15 - $25 price range, but probably less than Felicia Suzanne's. FWIW, Sole is very good but is also going to be higher than your price range. Encore is very good and everything except a daily special will fit your range.