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Feb 23, 2009 04:54 PM

Ahi Tuna Steaks for Seared Tuna

Hello Everyone,

Are Ahi Tuna steaks at the local grocery store (i.e. Michael Angelos, Metro, Loblaws, etc.) suitable for seared Ahi Tuna steaks?

Do I need to purchase "sushi grade" tuna to make seared tuna?

If I need better quality tuna, can anyone recommend a place in Markham where I can pick up some Ahi Tuna steaks?


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  1. Ahi is absolutely great! Maybe just me, but wonderful. depends how you make them. I for one like mine marinade with a very simple soy, olive oil, honey lime, garlic, a little rice wine vinegar and a pinch of red pepper flakes. I marinade for just a bit and then grill inside works or outside is best. Not for long, I like to grill it on a hot grill and fairly fast so the outside gets a nice crust but the inside is still very rare. A simple wasabi and sour cream with scallions and lime is a simple nice compliment.

    But there are hundreds of recipes. My best advice. Medium rare to rare in the middle, sear fast so you have a nice crust but not burnt. It is absolutely wonderful. You can thin slice and serve individually or a small steak per person. Just depends how you want to serve it. I cook it very often with many different marinades but not too over powering. Still a nice background flavor. Tuna is great with nothing more than salt and pepper to me.

    1. There are no regulations w/ "sushi grade" designation. Best bet is go to a reputable fishmonger, then touch/sniff the fish. Ask questions....Finally a lot of stuff you buy will have been previously frozen, most likely IQF. Not necessarily a bad thing so to speak.

      I personally don't trust the fish counters of any supermarket.

      I can't give you any recommendations for Markham. The only one I liked in the region was fisherman's brother in thornhil but that seems to have closed down. :(

      1. I wouldn't buy from a supermarket, as few really sell a lot of the stuff. And if they don't sell a lot, then it sits around, which you don't want.

        I get my tuna at St Lawrence market, and only on Friday or Saturday, when the fish is likely to be freshest and volume is highest. Don't know about Markham, but I'd suggest you find a specialty fish store that appears to sell a lot of fresh tuna.

        1. yeah sushi grade doesn't mean anything trust your instincts. The fish counter at J Town has some nice looking Tuna. St Lawrence on a Tuesday early would be good too.