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Feb 23, 2009 04:09 PM

Flushing Tomorrow - Sichuan / Hunan recs?

Spicy and Tasty or Xiao La Jiao any others? As I've been over posting about hunan fish head thanks to anyone who responds that's not sick of my prodding, esp Lau :) Things I like:

Fish Head casserole
Fried shrimp shell-on on a stick
Eggplant w/ garlic sauce and pork
Baby Fried Yellow fish on a stick (anyone know what I mean>)
Muslim beef or lamb (that's how i've seen it in china. Cumin beef/ lamb maybe?)
Dried fried string beans with pork
Mao po tofu
Diced chicken w/ peanuts
Any chance on rabbit leg? I've only seen this in china and it's so good, maybe not in season

I can't believe I have lost so many pictures of meals in china. I'll be back in a couple months and will be much more diligent.

thanks all!

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  1. You might have to go to (gasp!) Manhattan Chinatown for rabbit. Famous Sichuan has diced rabbit in Sichuan sauce on its menu.

    1. Rabbit is very easy to find in Flushing. Little Pepper always has it as does Chengdu Heaven. Cumin lamb from Little Pepper, fish flavored eggplant at Little Pepper, do ma po do fu at Chengdu Heaven (it's easy enough to say so the Chinese only wall menu doesn't matter.) I think they might have fish head casserole at Little Pepper too actually... Make sure you don't pass up Chengdu Heaven though. More than worth it. If the main cook man isn't there (he's off on 1-2 days a week) then get the ma la tom, the ma la bean jelly, and either the sausage (not on menu) or the ma la tripe. Both are off the cold menu. Check the Chengdu Heaven post for extensive info.

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      1. re: JFores

        I love the sichuan rabbit at Little Pepper. Not only is it one of my favorite dishes there, it's my favorite version of this dish anywhere, and I've had it many times in Chengdu. Little Pepper's version has much, much meatier chunks of rabbit than I've had anywhere else and their sauce is unsurpassed. Unfortunately, and contrary to the post above, it wasn't available any of the last 4 times I was there.

        1. re: el jefe

          Awesome news about the rabbit. When I've had it overseas it's been the whole leg on the bone (with foil on the ends), and it's served with a sort of dry rub. similar to cumin lamb/beef.

          My main goal is fish head as mentioned in my post on manhattan board last week. I'll check out the chengdu posts.

          Do Little Pepper or Spicy Tasty have picture menus? The menus in china usually do, so even if speaking english it'll help. Right now I'm leaning towards Little Pepper tho i had originally planned on spicy and tasty due to the years of seeing it on this board.

          1. re: 2slices

            No picture menus at either place. Little Pepper has three rabbit dishes: a Whole Dried Rabbit Sichuan Style appetizer; a Diced Rabbit Meat in Red Chili Sauce appetizer and a main dish of Rabbit Meat Sauteed with Chili.

            1. re: scoopG

              I think the first one is what I've had, but it was just the leg. Does Little Pepper speak English.

              1. re: 2slices

                Some English is spoken. When I was there about a month ago there was a new (to me) waiter who had decent English skills.

      2. Wonderful cumin lamb on a stick near library on Main St - see posts abt NYTimes tour of street food in Flushing, or search for Xiangyang (sp?)

        1. Waterfront International/Fu Ran on Prince Street off Roosevelt has at least a couple of these dishes; their eggplant/pork dish is excellent, and their cumin lamb is even better than LittlePepper to my taste. I am sure they have the chicken with peanuts, too If you do not go this time, put it on your list...

          1. - Fish head: haha you know the answer to that although you'd be awesome if you tried that new Hunan House place in flushing (although who knows if its a bust or not)
            - Fried shrimp shell-on a stick: I think i know what you're talking about (i had something like that in chengdu), but dont know where to get it
            - Eggplant w/ garlic sauce and pork: available at all of the sichuan places in flushing and manhattan (SG, GS on St Marks, XLJ and S&T) and reasonably good
            - Baby fried yellow fish on a stick: don't know which dish you're referring to
            - Cumin lamb and beef: readily available in the city (and its good) at Szechuan Gourmet and Grand Sichuan on St Marks, respectively. It's also available at Xiao La Jiao and Spicy and Tasty (its good at XLJ)
            - Dried fried string beans with pork: available at all of the sichuan places in flushing and manhattan (SG, GS on St Marks, XLJ and S&T) and reasonably good
            - Ma po dou fu: available at all of the sichuan places in flushing and manhattan (SG, GS on St Marks, XLJ and S&T) and I like SG and XLJ's quite a bit
            - Diced chicken w/ peanuts: i assume you're referring to gong bao ji bing (kung pao chicken), they definitely all have it, but i haven't tried it at any of the places in a really long time
            - Rabbit leg: they all have rabbit, but not sure that they have rabbit leg per se. The best rabbit I had was at all XLJ although read my post about that

            here is my XLJ report:

            Here's my SG reports:

            GS on St Marks: