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Feb 23, 2009 03:54 PM

SD: What's for breakfast.

I'm a big fan of breakfast and wish more chef's would put thier artful touch to this oft overlooked meal. Recently I had breakfast at Firehouse in PB and was pleasantly surprized. The French Toast with candied pecans and strawberries may well have been the best I've ever had and my friend's biscuits and gravy were made with an interesting twist to the gravy but I couldn't tell you what it was. I'm also a fan of The Mission, especially thier crispy, almost on the verge of burnt potatoes. What's your favorite breakfast, whether sit down or on the run? (I'm not referring to Sunday brunch). Is there any place where the chef applies as much creativity to his/her breakfast menu as they do thier dinner menu?

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    1. re: honkman

      Thanks honkman, I hadn't seen that post.

    2. Perry's
      Harry's La Jolla
      Ricky's in Mission Valley
      Green Flash with a double bloody mary

      I want to know where the kick ass Mexican breakfasts are.. ; )

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      1. re: Beach Chick

        I do my kick ass Mexican breakfasts at El Comal.

        Not to ruin the tranqility of my favorite brunch spot (or the fact tables always seem to be open), but I just love Cafe Chloe -- an outside table, the NY Times, a pot of coffee, mimosa, the house cured gravlax and a side of fries. Yes. Fries for brunch. Sublime.

        1. re: Ewilensky

          Thanks for the Mex breakfast recommendation Ewilensky!

          1. re: Ewilensky

            Super Cocina's Mexican breakfasts rock too

            1. re: DougOLis

              I totally agree. I've been getting chilaquiles and huevos oaxaquenos for breakfast a lot lately. It's a great combination.

        2. It's a ZOO but the Hash House does some pretty creative and interesting breakfasts - too much food, and sometimes it's cold, but I do love that fried chicken. If you can, go on a weekday.

          Park House Eatery, Cafe on Park, Cafe 222, Richard Walker's Pancake House, Hob Nob Hill, Brockton Villa (ONLY get the Coast Toast or chorizo and eggs) and Crest Cafe also have pretty good breakfasts. Cafe on Park and Crest kind of fly under the radar a little bit. You might also enjoy breakfast at the Cantina in PB if you like the Mission. Haven't tried either, but I hear JRDN at Tower 23 in Pacific Beach and AR Valentien also do particularly nice breakfasts - they are located in hotels.

          Sidenote - if you're ever in Palm Springs - be sure to try Norma's at the Parker. Expensive, but amazing breakfast.

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          1. re: Alice Q

            Agree on HH, glops of tastless food but, if you have to categorize the one or two things that may be good on a weekday, why bother. Also with Brockton Villa, I agree the Coast Toast are good but ,pricey and the chorizo very common, but unless your party only likes Coast Toast why bother to go to a place that has one good item. A side note to Brockton, you have to hold your nose, the sea gull and pellican odor is enough bo turn your stomach. IMO, those places are not good or worth going to.

            1. re: Alice Q

              I tried the breakfast at JRDN and found it to be lacking. This is one of those places where I felt like the chef really didn't want to do breakfast so didn't put as much creativity into it as dinner. Also, it was expensive for average ingredients and small portions. I particularly found the French Toast to be rather tasteless.

              1. re: sdnosh

                good to know, no need to go out of the way!

            2. Anyone been to the Bluegrass Brunch at Urban Solace? I'm going in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping it's great. Any recs?

              1. I've always liked Cafe 222 - I'm a sucker for the peanut butter french toast. Perry's Cafe is impressive in its efficiency. World Famous, while not a great restaurant by any means, does a pretty good breakfast.

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                1. re: jmtreg

                  I had an ah crap World Famous really moment a couple weeks back with some out of town friends. I was suprised it was an enjoyable breakfast with a well prepared eggs benedict.

                  1. re: stevuchan

                    Surprisingly good eggs benedict and carne asada con huevos (ask for the special, house made hot sauce) at World Famous. Fantastic boardwalk people watching, especially if you get there between 9-10am to see what topical outfit the thong-wearing, old (but incredibly buff and tanned) construction-worker, roller blade guy is wearing.