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Need rec's for great Seafood in WLA or Bev Hills or WeHo

Friends coming into town and they're hungry for some good seafood.

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    1. re: lambrusche

      fwiw, i had a terrible experience with the very expensive tasting menu at il grano.
      EVERY one of the cooked dishes was overcooked.
      dry, overcooked fish for a ton of money.

      it seems like my experience was not typical, but still, folks should know that this can happen there.

    2. Ocean Avenue Seafood, near the shore on the east side of Ocean just south of Santa Monica Blvd. is very solid, serving fresh seafood in a nice restaurant, and I believe they are continuing the DineLA specials until the end of the month (not weekends, and you might have to ask for the special menu). The Lobster is right over the water, but it isn't my favorite -- very touristy, tables jammed very close together, more expensive. The new cafe at the revamped Santa Monica Seafood just reopened on the corner of Wilshire at Tenth, and was a zoo the first couple of days with long lines and waits. If things have calmed down, they seem to have done a good job of remodeling the place, it is now full table service, and simple entrees seem to be $20 or less.

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      1. re: nosh

        Those were both at the top of my list but we want to stay out of Santa Monica.

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          There is a McCormick & Schmick's in Beverly Hills -- yes, a chain, but specializing in seafood and a great regular and latenight happy hour. Not primarily seafood, but Craft in Century City is an excellent restaurant, has seafood entrees, and an extensive selection of shellfish to start. Nook Bistro in W.L.A. has a couple of fish dishes on their current menu, though their shrimp & grits currently is unavailable -- some dining companions proclaim their mussels as good as any in town.

      2. in beverly hills:
        the grill on the alley

        The Grill on the Alley

        * 9560 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills 90210
        * (Btwn N Camden & N Rodeo Dr )

        * Phone: (310) 276-0615

        1. I've been searching for good seafood in L.A. for a long time. I'm sorry to say I'm still searching.

          I ordinarily like the McCormick and Schmick's chain but the one in Beverly Hills is not well managed. It also has a smaller menu than the others. The location downtown is much better.

          I've always been disappointed in Ocean Avenue Seafood and especially in The Lobster. The best seafood I've had in out in Santa Monica has been at the Enterprise Fish Company. It's not great but it's the best I've found. If you want to stay out of Santa Monica, I think you're out of luck.

          Enterprise Fish Co
          174 Kinney St., Santa Monica, CA 90405

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          1. re: Hackenbush

            are you saying that, to your palate, enterprise fish company is better than providence, or grill on the alley?

            1. re: westsidegal

              I never thought of Grill on the Alley as a seafood place and in the ten or so times I've been there, I don't think I've ever ordered fish. I can't recall them ever having a fish on the menu that sounded more appetizing to me than their steaks or chicken dishes.

              I've only eaten at Providence once and I had the halibut. Halibut is the kind of fish that isn't consistent at any restaurant so maybe it's better on some days but I didn't care for it. I've had better luck with halibut at the Enterprise Fish Company.

          2. Providence, Water Grill, or a high end sushi place.... like Mori, The Hump, Sushi Zo, Urasawa.

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            1. re: J.L.

              sushi zo offers no cooked dishes--only sushi and sashimi.
              (technically, you can argue that the brief blowtorching of the butterfish and the steaming of the ankimo is cooking. . .)

              as for the hump, which is in santa monica, be positive that you know the price of each item before ordering. i know several people who ended up paying more per person for dinner at the hump than they would have if they had gone to urasawa.

              know to expect that the price per person at urasawa will be north of $400 and may end up being north of $500 per person.

              1. re: westsidegal

                Original post did not specify cooked or uncooked seafood... Nor was cost mentioned.

                True, I've seen $500+pp meals at The Hump before. Mori can go upwards of $200+pp, after all's said & done.

                1. re: J.L.

                  you're absolutely right--
                  i was just clarifying the situation.

                  didn't at all mean to imply that your post was not right on.

            2. As a seafood lover, I can attest to the fact that it is hit or miss these days in even the high end places such as the Water Grill, Il Grano, Ocean Ave, etc. The best I’ve had lately was at the Grill on the Alley in BH - I had the Dover Sole which was about perfect. Which it should be for about $40. I used to get pretty decent seafood at the La Marina Inn in Playa del Rey, but that’s gone like so many places. McCormicks is just fair. If anyone knows of a great fish “joint” that is consistent do share it.

              1. 'Good seafood' in Los angeles, in any area, isn't easy to find.
                McCormick's at any location, outside of Seattle, is mediocre at best.
                The Grill on the Alley in BH is great but they're quite limited on their seafood choices....their whitefish is wonderful however.
                Don't bother with Gulfstream...I went on a recommendation and was disappointed in their preparations...
                I've always had great Chilean Sea Bass and crab and lobster at Crustacean but very few Chowhounds agree with me on that.
                I've, in the past, had very nicely prepared seafood at ll Sole on Sunset but haven't tried it in awhile.
                I've seriously found the best seafood at local beachtown shacks in S Cal...

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                1. re: latindancer

                  I agree that Gulfsteam is just fair. San Diego has the Fishmarket which use to be great. Not any more. What's going on? Global Warming?? Seems like most of the fish is farm raised. There's a dive place downtown on Central Ave, I forgot the name, other hounds help me out. But you stand in line, place your order and they grill it right there. Very fresh very good and very reasonable like cheap. Paper plates and family benches. At least one does not feel ripped off.

                  1. re: Baron

                    The place on Central you are talking about is called Fisherman's Outlet. It is a board favorite. You are right -- excellent, fresh, simply chargrilled seafood at a very fair price. Good crisp fried shrimp, scallops, and fish as well, when you're in the mood. Just need to go when the weather cooperates -- not as good when it is cold, windy, or really hot outside, since the seating is all covered patio.

                    1. re: Baron

                      Great idea.
                      The OP wanted great seafood and I think this is the place to go.
                      I ordered Opa not too long ago at a restaurant in Malibu. I was excited as it had been flown in fresh from Hawaii and I should have known better to not have asked how it was prepared. The kitchen had dredged in in macadamia nuts and coconut.
                      I ate a few bites and couldn't eat anymore. I'm always baffled why chefs feel like they've got to turn a beautiful piece of fish into the mess they did in this case.
                      Fish, in my opinion, should be kept simple. Of course the fish should be very, very fresh. I think you make a very good point, though, about farm raised.

                  2. The fish I've had at Hatfield's has been top-notch. While it's not a "seafood restaurant", the menu leans towards fish mains. Ambiance is cozy. Prices are relatively reasonable.

                    The Hungry Cat could also be good and fun. Peel and eat shrimp, many different types of oysters, etc.

                    But if money is no object, then I second, third, and fourth Providence.

                    1. We went to Coast at Shutters last week and had a very nice meal (oysters, shrimp, etc.) Great view of the beach as well as of various and sundry passers-by. Food was solid... nothing too creative but well executed.