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Feb 23, 2009 02:37 PM

Unique Boston seafood and steak

I'm coming up to Boston with a small group in May to celebrate the June wedding of one of my best buds. We'll be taking in the Sox and staying overnight for a low key guys night out in the city. My soon to be married friend would like to have a unique Boston dining experience that includes seafood and steak. We need something accessible from the T and less than $100 pp for dinner and drinks. Also, something relaxed but still classy would be nice. We're a pretty laid back group that includes both friends and relatives.

I've combed through the boards for suggestions but haven't quite found the answers I'm looking for. Indulge me, Chowhounders, and share your wisdom so I can honor my friend for his wedding.

Where should we go????

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  1. How about the Capital Grill or Abe and Louis......

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      Thanks very much for your reply. I'll check them out!

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        Capital Grill is a chain as is Abe & Louies, so if you want a unique Boston experience I'd skip both. Doesn't mean that they are not fine choices, just not unique to Boston. Grill 23 is a freestanding steakhouse that is an institution in Boston. Give it a whirl

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          Where are there other Abe & Louies? I think it would work and I was also going to suggest Grill 23. Newer and unique to Boston would be KO Prime and Mooo downtown. But $100 goes quickly at a steakhouse. There's Frank's old school style in N. Camb but that recently got not great reviews. Much cheaper and could be fun.

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            Boca Raton, but 2 stores does not a chain make. I think people think of it as more of a chain because it's part of the Back Bay Restaurant Group, like Paparazzi and Joe's American Bar & Grill.

    2. Eastern Standard is in Kenmore Square, easy walking distance from Fenway Park. It has a festive atmosphere in a nice room with a menu that includes steak and seafood at prices that allow for drinks that keep it under $100pp. If you let them know the occasion well in advance they should set aside special space for you. It's not a steakhouse, but it can be very good, and it is unique to Boston. Lots of places in Boston have on-line menus, which may help in sorting out your many options.

      If you are looking for something more traditional, Grill 23 is a good recommendation.

      Eastern Standard
      528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

      1. I'd agree that Eastern Standard is a good bet for both meat and seafood, but it is hardly a unique Boston experience - just a lively (still? I don't know) and well executed evening. I suppose Locke Ober would qualify as one, save for the lofty prices. Really I think that your wishes might be out of reach here, as Boston institutions like the Barking Crab and Union Oyster House types don't offer much good for either steak seafood.

        1. If you care about the steak and seafood more than the "Boston experience," I agree with Grill 23. Excellent steak, and (I think) even better seafood.

          Otherwise, you could do something like Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain (a fairly short T ride).

          They almost always have a nice steak and some sort of fish/shellfish on the menu. Very Boston-y, and quite delicious.

          1. Not sure how many you are but and interesting steak and seafood event would be to start at B&G Oyster (they have other fish too) and move across the street to the Butcher Shop - or the other way around. They both have the same executive chef and produce very nice courses. You'll be in the area of the South End where there are lively bars and music as well - it is a guy's night out.

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              If the guys are hungry, it would be easy to spend $100pp in each place, and still come out looking for more food.

              1. re: chowfamily

                You're right - I missed the drinks part in the OP. But total food will be under $100 - I haven;t found their portions to be small.