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Feb 23, 2009 02:35 PM

L.A. hound seeking a Detroit-area Coney-dog from his childhood

Hello Detroit chowhounds... I grew up outside of Detroit in the 1960s ( Melvindale/Allen Park/Dearborn), and fondly remember my father taking me out for coney-dogs (chili, onions, and mustard is how I recall them) somewhere in the downtown area. Memory is a funny thing, and when I googled coneys in Detroit, I kept getting some version of 'George's Famous' and/or 'L. George's Coney islands', which sounds about right. But there appears to be many, many franchises nowadays. Does any Detroit-area hound know of or remember one of the original coney joints that would've been extremely popular in the 1960s?? I am going back there this summer for purposes of nostalgia (50th birthday), and would like to find the most likely purveyor of my childhood coney islands. Thanks in advance for any leads...

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  1. Just answered my own question ( I think ): it could be either Lafayette Coney Island or American Coney Island, both of which are next door to each other. Woohoo!!

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      You've found the two best coney's downtown. If you find yourself in the northern 'burbs,
      checkout Hippo's Hot Dogs. They also do a good job with various sausages and italian
      beef sandwiches.

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        Silence9, you have indeed found the two Institutions of the Detroit Coney. I'm sure you'll be satisfied.

        1. re: boagman

          Thanks, boagman and rainsux, for the confirmation! Looking forward to eating at both places...

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          I hope you won't limit yourself to only Lafayette & American. There are a score or more of Detroit-area, neighborhood restaurants that turn out great coneys!

        3. oh man. but you have Pink's dogs out in LA! Why would you fiend for a Coney island dog?


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          1. re: donbui82

            because a coney is a coney!

            sometimes you may crave hamburger even though prime rib is available, although I wouldn't necessarily say that coneys are not as good as Pink's hot dogs.

          2. Definately you are remembering Lafayette and American. Go for the Lafayette! Still like it was back then. While your here pop into Melvindale and check out Sabina's Polish restaurant on Oakwood. Melvindale Coney Island has fantastic breakfast, the cook can really make an egg!

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              Hey, thanks! Yup, I'll be in Melvindale for sure, and appreciate the breakfast tip :-)