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Feb 23, 2009 02:24 PM

Fresh local duck eggs?

I'm finally tried some from a farm in Sonoma and i am hooked - I would love to find some closer to home (Palo Alto area) - any leads?

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  1. Try 99 Ranch or a similar market (the Chinese market on Castro St. in MV), if you happen by. I'm sure they carry them, but ask. Also check the farmer's markets.

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    1. re: ML8000

      Thanks - I have checked the Palo Alto and Menlo Park Farmer's market - no luck - I saw preserved duck eggs at Ranch 99 - I'll ask if they ever get the fresh - of course they won't be organic pastured like the ones I had - so delicious!

      1. re: takuhead

        You know, the ducks eggs at 99 Ranch and Chinese markets might be organic, although who knows. Most ducks (and eggs) that get to Chinatowns and Chinese markets in NorCal come from Petaluma and Sonoma Co, where most or all are free range and feed decent feed (duck fat holds flavor). Any way, good luck. You might check the Mountain View farmer's market on Sunday.

    2. Can you tell me (before I make the major investment it would involve at my local gourmet grocery), why duck eggs are so special? I love eggs, just plain old chicken eggs, and find it hard to imagine what is so different about duck eggs. I know taste is hard to communicate without, well, tasting; but maybe you could give it a try? It would be much appreciated.

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      1. re: BerkshireTsarina

        Duck eggs taste quite different from chicken eggs. They're richer, deeper and earthier in flavor, and i suspect have a higher fat content. Sort of the same difference between the taste of a duck breast and a chicken breast.

        I hope takuhead will tell us the Sonoma duck eggs were sourced.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Sure - i got them at
          A coop member in my group (mostly for raw goat milk and cheese) ordered some for us. They are much richer in taste - creamier.
          According to a few of the farmer's websites - Duck eggs have (compared to chicken eggs)
          1. Bigger egg
          2) Richer Yoke
          3) Fluffy Textured White
          4) More Vitamin E
          5) More Omega-3 Oils
          6) Lower in Cholestrol
          7) No Sulphur Taste

          also many people who have allergies to chicken eggs can have duck eggs with no problems. I just think they are yummy.

          1. re: takuhead

            Thank you for the reply. Duck eggs at my grocer are about double the price of good chicken eggs. I never thought to look at the source, but I plan to now.

            1. re: takuhead

              Cool, I saw a muscovy duckling from Salmon Creek Ranch in the case at Green Grocer in Windsor last weekend and was just getting around to doing a web search for more info. The chevon offer looks good too. Glad we're in synch!

              Salmon Creek Ranch
              1400 Bay Hill Rd, Bodega, CA

        2. Closest source from Palo Alto is Marina Foods Market, Hillsdale exit off101. Eggs are from Olivera Egg Ranch in San Jose at 4.99 a dozen. Saw them last Tuesday. Will be buying soon to make salted duck eggs in preparation for Dragon Boat Festival.

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          1. re: CYL

            I've added the Place link below (click on the blue link to go to a map and other info).

            Also wanted to mention that I was in the Marina Foods in Cupertino this afternoon, and there were no duck eggs on display. I wasn't planning to buy them anyway, so not a loss for me. I was impressed that more than half the inventory of chicken eggs were organic/cage-free from Olivera, Clover, and a company in Aptos, so mostly local.

            Marina Food
            2992 S Norfolk St, San Mateo, CA 94403

          2. Be careful that you are not buying balut. It would be a surprise, and not a pleasant one.

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            1. re: Louise

              Haha... FYI: a vendor sells balut at the Old Oakland FM, or they have in the past.

            2. The Tuesday Berkeley farmer's market has them most of the year. I saw some there today!

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