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Feb 23, 2009 02:10 PM

Chinalite out of business

I think Chinalite on Southport is out of business. They were closed on Friday night and have a 'For Rent' sign posted.
I loved their food for delivery...some of my favorite food in Chicago, and healthier with all the veggies, non-goopy sauces, and no MSG. Huge portions, great eggrolls(with peanut butter), really good food.
They were sometimes very rude at the restaurant itself. Not letting people come in if they were closing in 30-45 mins, etc. I think they had a thriving delivery business, but wonder if their manner towards people in the restaurant played any part in their closing, or if it was just the economy.

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  1. I used to live around the corner from this place. It was THE model for fast, unfriendly Chinese restaurants. It was as if they were doing ME a favor by getting a takeout from them. They weren't just unfriendly, they were plain rude. Apparently I'm not the only one and the people have spoken. Hopefully other Chinese restaurants will take notice and treat their customers better than Chinalite did. I'm not the least bit sorry to see them go.

    1. I have been calling and calling.... SOB.... best Chinese delivery around... :(