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Place to go for a live-music / jazz/ blues?

Hi All, we'll be in NYC this weekend (Sat - Mon) staying at mid-down.

Any recommendations for a place that has live-music & jazz at the restaurant?

Perhaps even a little dancefloor on the side so that when the right music comes on, we can hop up?

We're not into the 'clubbing' / meat market type. : )


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  1. Check out the Jazz Standard: www.jazzstandard.net
    Located downstairs from Blue Smoke...Casual, good food.


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      I do NOT reccomend Blue Smoke. Talking, moving, dancing is frowned upon! I got yelled at the last time I went there.

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          Sorry, I meant Jazz Standard...I do not reccoment Jazz Standard.

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        Here's another vote for Jazz Standard. If you don't see what you like on their menu, they will be glad to bring you the menu from Blue Smoke!

        Altho both places are known for their barbecue, I almost always get the scallops. They are SO good!

        Birdland also has great music and very good food.

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          I've never had dinner at Birdland, only drinks (ordinary and overpriced) and dessert (very good, which makes me think I'd like savory items). What savory items have you enjoyed there? Agreed that it's a great club; good acoustics, wonderful performers.

      2. I agree with the suggestion for Jazz Standard.

        1. Another option is Roth's Steakhouse on Columbus at 93rd. They have late nite jazz Fri. and Sat. Great food and not just steaks.

          1. Hi All! Just like to report that we ended up going to Dizzy Gillespie's (spelling?) Jazz Club on Columbus Circle in the Time Warner building. EXCELLENT Jazz!! Great performers!

            Expensive cover-charge & food & drinks. No loud talking. No dancing. But it was nice & romantic - especially with the view over CP.

            Next time though, we would like to find a place where we can perhaps chat more & enjoy a slow dance.

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              Nutella_gal, I don't know of any Jazz club where there is dancing these days. Smoke also serves food (haven't had it yet) along with the great Jazz, and the Blue Note serves inedible (imho) food with theirs, but no one has dancing that I know of.

            2. no dancing, but Blue Water Grill downstairs has live jazz most nights of the week.

              1. Terra Blues is the best blues club in NYC but wouldn't recomend the food. Depending on the night, best food/music combo would be Hill Country BBQ.

                1. We're heading to NYC again ... this time we're going to try "Birdland" ....

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                    Birdland's food is OK. Not horrible but not great either. Overpriced, but that's to be expected.

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                      Hi Kathryn: we have 11pm reservation for after dinner music.... Will be having dinner elsewhere. It was too difficult to get a combination of great food & great music! : )

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                    1. We regularly go to Jazz Standard, Dizzys and Birdland. The food at Jazz Standard is the best since it comes from Blue Smoke upstairs. Dizzys and Birdland have acceptable food for a music club.

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                      1. Jazz Standard.

                        Good jazz and good food from Blue Smoke.

                        1. Smoke on Broadway and 106th , no dancing but food has always been great

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                            Anything in particular that you like there?