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Feb 23, 2009 01:56 PM

Himalayan Heritage

I'm planning to check out Himalayan Heritage in Adams Morgan with friends sometime this week. I've been wanting to go pretty much solely due to the fact that its Nepalese (and Indian) and that's kind of a novelty. The online menu seems solid enough but has anyone been? Is it good? Is Nepalese cuisine that much different than Indian or Pakistani? Can I get some kind of discount if I say I support any certain Nepalese political faction?

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  1. We ordered in from there so I can't speak to the atmosphere, but really enjoyed the food.
    We had some dumplings (momo) to start which were excellent (don't remember which type). We also shared the highly-recommended (Tom Sietsma) cauliflower appetizer, and while it was tasty (despite being delivered to us) the portion was tiny. I think there were 4 cauliflower florets.
    For entrees we shared the Aloo Gobi Masala, which was as good as any Indian restaurant where I've had it, and the Butter Chicken (my favorite is Haandi and this wasn't nearly as good). We might have also had the Acharya Began, but I'm not certain. And we shared a few naans to go along with the meal.
    I think that was it. This was a couple of months ago actually, but I remember thinking I would definitely try it again and might want to check out the restaurant itself so that things are served fresh from the kitchen. Please report back on your experience there--I'm particularly interested in the atmosphere.

    1. I just posted a review a week or two ago. Try a search...

      Have to say that we didn't find the cauliflower appetizer small, maybe Kwynn got unlucky.

      1. Finally went last Friday and have to say it was rather good. First off, thanks so much for the cauliflower recommendations, it was by far the best loved thing at the table. The table appetizer of spicy soy beans also stood no chance. I tried a bit of everything ordered and it was all good but by far the stand out was the goat curry which I ordered. I'm no expert on the bajillion types of curry found throughout, well, anywhere in South/South East Asia but this was one of the top 2 or 3 I've ever had. The taste was like a perfect middle ground of familiar curry flavors like tumeric and chili powder and something of a Bourguignon flavor. Also, the goat was near perfect in texture, not too cooked and mushy but still tender enough that a fork cut it like nothing.
        The only thing I could really complain about was the fact that the portions seemed to be really wacky. The goat was just about perfectly portioned, I mean, I could have ate more but it was delicious and I'm a monster. Then there was my friend's chicken and pork dish which was huuuge (everyone was eating it steadily and i still don't think we cleaned the plate) and my girlfriend's duck which was not only tiny to start with but also had bones the meat which made even less actual food. None of the food was bad by any means, it's just weird how varied the sizes were.
        Also, it didn't really bother me (maybe the guy behind me tough) but the tables are really crammed in. I'm small and I still only had an inch or two of wiggle room. There are some spacious looking booths on one side but they seemed reserved for larger parties.

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          Went last nite and have to say I don't get the enthusiasm over the cauliflower appetizer at all -- the coating reminded me of lacquer -- very unpleasant. And though I thoroughly enjoy hot spicy food, the sauce had no flavor -- just heat. And the dumplings (veggie in one case, chicken in the other, one steamed, one fried) were nothing special.

          Pretty disappointing given all I had read