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Feb 23, 2009 01:55 PM

Opinions on Vegas reservations?

I know I can count on Chowhounds for opinions. Reservations (I was not in control...) are at Picasso, Bouchon and B&B. I've seen mixed reviews on all. I could probably ask to swap out one of the destinations w/out hurting feelings.
Thoughts/Advice/Opinions are welcome. Thanks so much!!

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  1. For French bistro type food, I think Bouchon is the top of the list. Good choice!

    For an over-the-top type splurge meal, Picasso is about 5th or 6th on my list. Although Picasso was at one time likely the best Vegas has to offer, you can do much better now (although at a price). I'd recommend Alex, Guy Savoy and Restaurant Charlie in that order. There are bunches of Picasso enthusiasts on this site however, so take what I say (as you should take anything on the internet) with a couple grains of salt.

    Despite what I said above, I think that B&B is the one you should swap. I've had great food and dismal service as well as the opposite there. They have never delivered the entire package for me. Most web reviews echo that. For Italian, I think Wynn/Encore does it best with Bartolotta and Sinatra. For a bit less expensive, but more contemporary I enjoy Fiamma.

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      I've read some of the negative reviews of B&B as well. I'm not saying they're wrong, but most of the bad reviews are the exact opposite of my experience there last week. Both the food and the service were top notch. I had many great meals in Vegas over the week and I would definitely put B&B at the top of the list. I honestly did get the "entire package" during my visit.

      I had a great breakfast at Bouchon and would like to return for lunch or dinner sometime.

      I also had a wonderful experience at Guy Savoy. I opted for the four "small bites" option at Guy Savoy's Bubble Bar. The food was exceptional as was the service. When I walked in I briefly had one of those "what am I doing here?" moments, but the service quickly put me at ease - very professional and extremely friendly.

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        OK - thanks for the feedback. Since I didn't get any "whatever you do don't go there..." responses, I'm going to avoid hurting feelings and I'll let the reservations stand this trip. But I'm starting my wish list for a trip in May! Thanks much

        1. re: jillyjack

          Be sure to report back and let us know how you enjoyed the choices.

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            When are you going in May? May 7-10 is Vegas Uncorked. May 8th is the Grand Tasting. You'd have lots of chances to try different places then.

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            Just be on-guard if you go back to B&B. Their food has the potential to be amazing like the mint love letters which are downright legendary.

            Can you give me some more details about the Bubble Bar small bites option. What are you options? What is the price? Can I go there for a full dinner or just appetizers? I dined there once and had the Prestige menu which was an amazing experience.

            1. re: climberdoc

              Does B&B have the same or similar menu to Babbo? I went to their website and there was no menu (or much else). I'm thinking about sending my bf there this weekend and was just curious.

              1. re: Elyssa

                B&B's menu is very similar to Babbo. The Venetian website has the most updated menu for B&B:


              2. re: climberdoc


                At Bubble Bar I had four "bites" for $40. I think the next step down is three bites for $30 and two bites for $20. You can also order any of the bites in a "big" size (I assume an entree-size portion). Guy Savoy also offers their regular dessert menu at the Bubble Bar (in a smaller portion but for half the price). Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anymore info.

                I can't find a current Bubble Bar menu, but here is one that will give you an idea of what you can order:


                1. re: ries27

                  I'd be interested in a more detailed description of the "bites" if you have the time. Are 4 bites enough for a light meal or are we literally talking 4 bites? Would one need to add one or more "big bites" in order to be satisfied if one was a moderate eater?

                  1. re: MidTexHorn


                    One certainly could consume each course in one bite if that was their desire. I managed to make each "bite" last a bit longer by taking very small bites and really trying to savor the flavors.

                    If one ate at Bubble Bar on an empty stomach--I did not--I don't think one could fill up, even after eating dessert. I actually considered ordering two small bites and one big bite...I would probably do this if I ever dine at Bubble Bar again. If you're looking for a light meal, though, the four bites should be enough. You certainly won't walk away hungry, but chances are you will want to eat more.

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                      Does Bubble Bar take reservations? Could one realistically just "walk in"?

                      There is very little info on the web about Bubble Bar. That's why it may seem that I'm grilling you about it.

                      1. re: ries27

                        Thanks. And another question - did you get a look at what a big bite is like? Is it close to entree sized or more like a traditional appetizer size? I'm just trying to decide if I could put together a semi-filling meal at Bubble Bar for a $100 or less and get the Guy Savoy experience for a bargain.

            2. Reporting back:
              Picasso was actually great experience. Perhaps it was my lower expectations? High point was poached oysters with a vermouth sauce & cavier - probably my favorite dish of the trip. Amuse-bouche was simple but fantastic corn soup with skewer of egg & salmon. My venison was great but husbands halibut was boring.
              Bouchon met my expectations but did not exceed them. Loved the frisee salad w/poached egg but the pork shoulder dish let me down. Maybe it was jealousy b/c my husband was obsessed with his shortribs. Friend had the trout and thought it was fab. Breakfast there was great and will probably return for it next trip.
              B&B -- can understand the mixed reviews since our party had some incredible highs and some just average dishes. With the exception of the grilled octopus, which was phenomenal, we did not enjoy the servers recommendations which included prosciutto app and oxtail gnocchi. We did enjoy and fought over the octopus, calamari, mint love letters, whole grilled branzino, orecchiette with sausage. We had great service, other than not loving several food recommendations, and the sommelier was wonderful. We will certainly return.
              Also, loved the food at Enoteca San Marcos: vinegar maker's salad, pizzas, and fabulous rigatoni cauliflower. Just can't stand the indoor mall setting.
              Overall it was a good food trip!