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Feb 23, 2009 01:46 PM

Persian caterer / Iranian caterer for a wedding

Hi all,

I recently chose about 6 caterers that I was going to select from for my wedding in September. Then my Iranian parents derailed those plans and now I'm looking exclusively for Persian catering. Does anyone have suggestions? I'm especially interested in hearing from Iranians / Persians since this is the crowd I have to impress at the wedding. I live by Westwood and I like Darya much better than Javan and Shamshiri, and have not been impressed by most of the other restaurants on Westwood, in case that gives you an idea about my taste. I just have no idea how they'd do as caterers. I came across Berookhim Royal Catering, but can't find any reviews of them. My wedding will have 100 people, and will be very non-traditional and so I'd like some flexible chill caterers with absolutely knock-out food that's more special than just a night-out-at-the-Persian-restaurant.

Thanks a ton!

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  1. An update: My list so far includes Bahador and Berookhim. Does anyone have experience with these or others?

    1. Stick to caterers. The restaurants are never as good. My suggestion is to crash a wedding and see how you like the food.

      1. Hi Nazgol, I've been to several events catered by Brookhim, & the food was memorable. So much so, that I still dream of the various dishes I tasted (All of them!). I love Persian food & am very picky. I already had my wedding 23 years ago. Had I known of them then, I would have used Brookhim in a flash. JET

        1. Nazgol.... I'm curious who you ended up using and how they were. I'm having a casual party later this summer and wanted to hire a persian caterer to bring a grill and cook kabobs. Berookim is not available and I'm talking to Bahdor. Any other thoughts or suggestions?


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            Hi all, I decided to go with Darya for catering and Roubik for the waitstaff (Darya doesn't provide this when you have them come to your location). The combination worked really well. The presentation of the appetizers and dinner from Darya (all buffet) and the fruit display from Roubik impressed our guests and tasted excellent. It was pricey though! The folks from Darya are also very professional and easy to deal with by phone/text/email.