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Feb 23, 2009 01:35 PM

Chef Al Rosas - Organic Chef - Content Thief

" . . .I feel taken advantage of. I wonder how a company so unethical be in this so-called organic, all-natural, good-for-the earth business? I wonder if Al Rosas is taking shortcuts with his marketing, what other shortcuts must he be taking with his food, which ultimately ends up on our dinner plates? How can they be so mean when they preach "integrity" on their email?"

Rosas Farms
Citra, FL, Citra, FL

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  1. wow! that is appalling conduct. in my opinion, he is such a freakin' phony with all his "greenie" "sustainability" feel good "make love not war" schtick.

    i'm wondering if there is a florida govt. agency that would have any jurisdiction. hmmmm, fraud of some sort? just thinking out loud.

    those wronged should also write to any magazine's editors that featured him, and to all organizations in which he is a member.....

    1. That is so bad. Just crazy. I'm glad the photo was removed, but next time it'll be someone else's photo.

      It's sadly common to assume that everything on the web is free -- I'm having trouble getting paid by a Houston advertising and branding firm called Easterly & Co for a photo of mine they found on my blog. We even had a contract.

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        i like it when the photo has a writing over some portion of it with the photographer's name, and a copyright date..... i think it would be more difficult to steal those, as they'd be harder to photoshop and erase the proper accreditation.

        fluffer, if the firm owes you a good amount, take them to small claims court. or just contact a local lawyer who does litigation -- it may be worth your while. before that, write them a firm letter summarizing why the contract amount is due (and the specific provisions that apply), and that you expect and demand to be paid, within 10 business days. then state that "otherwise, i will be forced to seek legal action against you (sue for damages) to protect my interests."

        send the letter addressed to the pres. & ceo, and cc the legal department (if there is one). see if they have a registered agent for service (the business license division of the state corporation offices should have that info online....), and cc that agent as well. step up the pressure. let them know you're not a patsy.

        1. re: alkapal

          Wow, that's great advice! Thanks, alk.

          1. re: fluffernutter

            good luck. i can't stand people who renege on their contracts.

      2. Apparently he has copyrighted the name "Organic Chef©" so he knows about the laws.
        His reply was disgusting. There is a name for that type of person. It begins with A and ends with HOLE.

        1. I am really appalled at his response, notwithstanding the fact that they've stolen their pictures from various websites (including Bon Appetit - wonder if *they* know that?). Does he have no realization that what they put into an Email can easily be put up on the blog, as it was?

          I checked his website - how very interesting they don't have an Email address to Email them at...I'm sure they could have been inundated with angry bloggers and bloggers' friends after stealing the pictures!

          Very stupid of him to respond in that manner.

          1. Aside from the specifics of Rosas Farms, the bad behavior here made me think about how much we trust and rely on what purveyors say to us about their practices, e.g., green, sustainable, humane. Sure there are certifying agencies that audit and review documentation, but for the most part, we have to take people at their word unless we have the time to follow them around on the farm and even that's not guarantee. Maybe we also make the false assumption that someone who is promoting a green business is a good person in other aspects. I don't buy from folks because they're "nice", yet I do have to trust that their product is what they say it is. Now, I'll be looking for a lot more than feel-good buzz words to signal quality.


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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I see this thread was linked on the site. Under a very interesting link comment. :-)

              1. re: LindaWhit

                I'd missed looking at what was linked!

                I'm surprised that nothing has hit Rosas Farms' page on Local Harvest,

              2. re: Melanie Wong

                Looks like he is getting the publicity he deserves.
                Wiki no less.

                1. re: billieboy

                  You live by the web, you die by the web!