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Feb 23, 2009 01:29 PM

Ideas for a Monday night special occasion?

I'm going out monday night for a special occasion. Any ideas? I'm drawing a complete blank, and time's running out!
We're both adventurous eaters, and enjoy wine.
Price is no object, but obviously not too crazy. My first thought was Kaji, but they're not open on mondays. Something downtown would be better...Help me please.

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  1. Mondays are tough.
    My go-to places are Nota Bene and Globe Bistro (and Senhor Antonio - although on slow nights they tend to seat you in the main dining room and you have to order a la carte).

      1. Scaramouche for Lobsterlicious?

        Sidecar for $22 prix fixe?

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          I like the idea of Scaramouche. Havn't been in many moons, and the last time i was there the service was great. Food was safe.
          Sidecar and The Hoof are a little too casual.
          Aside - Sidecar does have some great cocktails.

          1. re: Muffin__Top

            I've been trying to get people to go for Scaramouche's Lobsterlicious with me but no luck. Check out for reviews of this year's Lobsterlicious.

            1. re: Muffin__Top

              I was going to suggest Sidecar's prix fixe as well... ive heard great things about it

              1. re: andrea0guernz

                Ok - It is indeed a good value. But hardly for a 'special occasion'. This is a casual place and best described as 'neighbourhood' or 'local'.
                I've been on a Monday night and would certainly return - but 'fine dining it ain't'!

            2. Canoe is open on Monday. Potentially crazy-ish prices... but a gorgeous room, great food, and definitely occasion-worthy.

              I also like Crush... a little less stratospheric price-wise, room still feels upscale and special... and great for winos.

              1. I had this same problem for my anniversary in May, and went to Via Allegro which would satisfy your requirements.