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Feb 23, 2009 01:18 PM

Kitchenaid stand mixer attachments

I recently got the pro series model and am now looking at accessoriies like the pasta maker, ravioli maker and the meat grinder. I checked them out at some stores in the Greater Toronto area and they seem quite expensive. My question is are they worth it? If so does anyone know where i can find them at a reasonble price. I will consider a store, online or crossing the border to the Niagara Falls /Buffalo area if the price is right. Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I love my pasta roller and meat grinder for the KA. Pasta thing goes for $149.00 and grinder about $ 50.00. I used a 20% off coupon @BB&B for each one. Though I've heard tales of peeps finding the pasta maker for $50.00 @ Sears in their clearance section. Might be worth checking on or Amazon when they're having one of their sales events. Don't know abt. the rav. maker, but you still have to roll out 2 sheets of pasta and feed them into the hopper w/ your filling...seems like it's a lot of work (but ravs. ARE a lot of work...) The pasta rollers are made in Italy by the same folks that make the hand-crank ones; they are sturdy, HEAVY and durable...just don't get them wet. I just brush of the floury bits and put it right back in the box. Happy shopping! adam

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      thanks for the tips. I wil check them out.

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        Totally agree with Adamshoe, I have had same experience. There is a Pasta extruding attachment that is a total waste of cash, avoid it. As far as the Ravioli roller goes I have heard it is a bit difficult to control. Probably easier to go by hand after rolling the pasta in the KA roller set

    2. Well, the Meat Grinder is a good one, if of course, you are going to grind meat - for small volume home cooking grinding, I think its the best options. I just bought the pasta roller itself for like $50, not the full set, as I like to cut my own pasta (I have a special rolling pin that does it nicely) and I don't believe a ravioli maker would be all that effective..

      the Juicer, the Can opener, both look too gadgety to me.. perhaps the grain mill would be nice if you are into that.. and I have heard good things about the ice cream maker..

      1. The meat grinder is worth every penny. I have processed loads of game through mine in the 13 years I have had it. One year I processed several deer for friends into sausage. It actually works better than many stand alone grinders.