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Feb 23, 2009 12:59 PM

South Beach - where to eat? Pls advise.

I will be in South Beach for two days (this Thursday and Friday) with my parents and would like to get some advise on where to eat. We love seafood and fish and I would like to take them our for crabs. Where could we go? It shouldn't be too expensive though. Any tips on happy hour places? I would also love to go to a cuban or spanish place (tapas!) the other evening. Please let me know what's good, not pricey, nice ambience, etc.
Thank you!

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  1. For spanish tapas- definately get reservations at Sra. Martinez, one of the top new spots in the Design District. Crabs- gotta go to joe's of course!! Happy hour is good at any of the big hotels that have popped up- the mondrian, gansevoort, fountainebleu.. take your pic. i'm sure other hounders can tell you the best nights at each!

    1. Gloria Estefan owns a great Cuban Restaurant right on South Beach. I can't remember the name but the food and music is great. Ask your concierge and be sure to tell him the one on South Beach not Bongo's.

      1. Assuming you want to stay in sobe and not go to the design district. I would recommend alta mar and tapas and tintos.

        Anywhere on lincoln rd is a good place for happy hour. There are all kinds of specials going on then there. Just pick a place that has a good crowd with drinks at the right price for you. The mondrian is the hot spot on fridays but is very expensive for drinks.