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Feb 23, 2009 12:51 PM

Mexican cheese ice cream mystery..

I was in Mexico last year and had delicious "helado de queso" in Guanajuato. I live in Canada and own an ice cream maker, and wanted to replicate it. There's a goat cheese ice cream recipe in David Lebowitz's "The Perfect Scoop" that I plan to follow.

The question is: what kind of cheese was it?? There are lots of great cheese shops here in Vancouver to go to, but I have no idea what kind of cheese it was.

Has anyone heard of this kind of ice cream? Do you know what kind of cheese it was?


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  1. Several Spanish recipes featuring Mahon (fresh and aged) online, but they don't translate easily to English. Probably not what you had.

    1. It was probably either queso fresco or requesón. Queso fresco is a mild white cheese that usually comes in 3" flat rounds. Requesón is more like ricotta than like any other cheese. I think I'd try it first with the requesón.

      Let us know how this turns out, please.


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        Great, thanks! I'll let you know how it works out, but I probably won't do it right away..