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Feb 23, 2009 12:35 PM

Serrano ham in Kansas City

Does anyone know where I can buy Serrano ham in KC? Not a restaurant, but for home.

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  1. Are you a member of Costco? I know I've seen it at several of their stores in different areas.

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    1. re: cheeseguysgirl

      Oooh, yes, I am. I've seen Parma ham there before and thought if I couldn't find Serrano I'd fake it with that. They're so similar anyway. Good idea.

      1. re: larabell

        I tried the Serrano from Costco. Not good. Very oily, not that flavorful. We do buy a lot from them, but this was a miss.


      LaQuercia in Iowa does some delicious pork products. Although the call the hams proscuitto, they are much closer to the Serrano or Iberico I have had. The have an organic line, and are feeding the pigs on acorns. It's marvelous stuff and you can mail order. Link above.


      1. Dean and Deluca, for sure. I love serrano!

        1. Cosentino's Brookside Market carries it and I'll bet the new Power & Light stire has it also.

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            That's affirmative - the Downtown Cosentino's does have it. Just saw it a couple days ago.