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Feb 23, 2009 12:30 PM

Best Taco Trucks in our area?

Emphasis on the truck, although the occassional station wagon replete with guy and ice chest will do as well.

Willing to drive!

thanks in advance,

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  1. Comida Latina Express on the corner of George Mason and Columbia Pike in the parking lot of the Food Star supermarket. I love this supermarket, BTW. They only have beef or tongue tacos. I much prefer the beef. They are cooked to order, so you have to wait. In cold weather, I can't resist the atol de elote, that very sweet cross between a hot beverage and a corn soup. I have not tried their other offerings.

    In the summer, this is also the site of a great tropical snow cone stand.

    1. Just wanted to ask - please post operating hours and days of the week type info if known.

      1. You forgot to say what area is "ours".

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        1. There's one on River Road east off the 495 exit, but in the westbound direction. Usually there during the work weekday, at least (I go by there about once a month and he's almost always there, but I've noticed if I go late in the afternoon he tends to be gone).

          There's one on Pershing in Arlington, nearish where TECC was when he was in a wagon. It's Westbound facing, usually, btwn Washington Blvd and Rt 50. I'm not a fan, and they seem to serve some odd options that require plates, but if you're doing a tour you might want to include it.

          Seems like Chaboz didn't make it. I feared this, but they were nice guys. I think too many for one truck to support - interesting angle, though - a yuppie-ish taco truck.

          1. Pupuseria Lorenita's is on U.S. 1 in Elkridge. It's a "rain-or-shine" truck with a phone number, regular hours (9 am to 4 pm), four employees, and clear, well-drawn menus. It also serves superb tacos -- a generous spread of grilled beef strips, two corn tortillas, cilantro & onions, radish slices and a lime wedge to squeeze.

            Pupuseria Lorenita's parks north of Rte 175 on U.S. 1. It had been parking on the east side in the parking lot of Paco's Paints (7731 Washington Blvd), but I heard that it moved south because Paco's closed.

            The tacos are $2, and you choose between grilled beef, ground beef, sausage and tongue. Burritos are $5. Pupusas are $2.

            U.S. 1 between downtown Laurel and Rte 32 is a great place if you want to taste-test among taco trucks. Pupuseria Y Taqueria Los Pinos parks at Roll Rite Tires (9792 Washington Boulevard North) in Laurel. Nice, thick tortillas. A fine second choice to Pupuseria Lorenita's. I have seen at least one other.

            Chowhound slapped by hand for linking outside, so I'm not linking to other sites that have more about both these trucks.

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              Also on U.S. 1 in Elkridge, check out the truck that brings its own grill. Spectacular. They're grilling fajitas, beef ribs and pork ribs on the weekends and planning on being there every day as the weather improves.

              It's called Pupuseria Y Taqueria Las Delicias, and it's mentioned in this post:

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                Thanks HCB -- I'm ready to go on a lunch run (after the snow melts) from downtown B'more to Elkridge to try, and I'd really like to try the Pupuseria y Taqueria. Unfortunately it sounds like they're only a weekend place right now.

                Can you vouch for the taco truck that's on the EAST side of Route 1, as you head north from 175? It looked pretty busy last week when I drove by...

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                  Sorry that I didn't see this in the morning. Hope that you found something good.

                  This new place (Las Delicias) is weekend only for now. The woman in the truck told me that they hope to go daily once the weather gets better. The phone number on the Las Delicias business card is 301-503-0391.

                  Pupuseria Lorenita's has been selling tacos every day that I have ever driven past. They were on the east side of Route 1 at Paco's Paint, although I heard recently that they moved south because Paco's closed. This link has the phone number for Lorenita's:

                  A few weeks ago, I posted whole list of stuff along Rte 1 in Elkridge.