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Feb 23, 2009 12:27 PM

goldenbergs peanut chews

Greetings. Anyone know who sells this candy in the Boston area? Thanks

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  1. According to the company's Web site, which I found by Googling, the only retailer in the area for the dark is Stop & Shop, on Pleasant St in Watertown. Rite Aid carries the Milk Choc version.
    You can also order on line:

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    1. re: AHan

      That would be the Stop & Shop about a long block away from Russo's.

      CVS used to carry them - they no longer do so, but it's interesting that Rite Aid does.

      1. re: Allstonian

        There is a Rite Aid on the other side of the intersection from the Stop & Shop on Pleasant St. I believe the street name changes to River St. and the town is Waltham on that side of the intersection. It's not a great Rite Aid so I'd call ahead to see if they have the candy before heading over there.

        1. re: Velda Mae

          Is there such a thing as a great Rite Aid?

    2. I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic area and these, along with Tastykakes, were items I often missed and had to pick up whenever I would go back to that area. Now, you can find both pretty easily.

      I see Peanut Chews (no longer made by Goldenberg, they were bought out by a different company) all the time at the Rite Aid on Cambridge Street across from the Bowdoin T station. I also have found them at various Citgo gas stations.

      Good luck!

      1. Oh, bbbean, my candy soul-mate!

        The company that now makes them is called Just Born, Chew-ets. The old brown & red packaging with block lettering is gone, replaced with a more modern and flashy red package-- no reference to "Goldenberg" They are hard to find around here because they originate in Pennsylvania and have regional distribution. Go to Philly or DC and they are everywhere! The company has a product locator at:

        The Vermont Country Store used to sell them in big bags-- not sure if they still do. I've asked Hidden Sweets in Harvard Square if they'd carry them, but apparently they don't get enough requests.

        Okay. I'm going to put the candy nerd back in the closet now...

        1. For whatever it's worth, I was friends with one of the Goldenberg kids in high school, outside of Philly. Yes, the Peanut Chews are great. I see them now and then in recent years here in Mass., but can't remember where. Believe it or not, sometimes Store 24 has unusual candy -- I've seen wonderful Bit O' Honey there and nowhere else, so they may have a more adventurous distributor than most stores.