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How much do you drink?

What's your average wine consumption for the week?

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  1. Well, it is at least between one and 3 bottles a week I'd say for me and DH....as well as a few beers here and there

    1. It depends by the week, but I probably consume 5 - 6 btls. per week. I came up with this, by dividing our last three weeks' worth of wines by 2, as my wife joins me. I added a factor of +15%, as she is usually a glass, or so, behind me.


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        Close here, I drink a beer usually before dinner and sometimes a bourbon after dinner. Wine depends what I am having for dinner. Last week 1 ... the week before 4. Company. You never know.

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            I could easily do that ... then I may not be on here at night ...

            My ex and I could easily do that at dinner and often did. No ex so 1 bottle is a bit much. Still have to work. :) I do love a good bottle. I have one sitting out on my counter right now.

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              We're close, but I think that you nudge me out by a cork, or two...


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                I win ... whoo hoo. I'm not too sure that is a good thing. :) Well who knows. Depends on the week. I do have my cold brew and my bourbon at night. Wine depends whats for dinner. My egg sandwich, Naaaa, or my chipped beef with my favorite junk go to food, naaaaa. Maybe a meal I actually make when the time arises, lol. Just bought a great 16 a bottle, medium to low priced, but great new zealand wine. Can't wait to try it. Tomorrow with my fresh grouper.

        1. 1 1/2 bottle of wine per week + 2 or 3 apéritif (usually fino sherry)

          1. Average week doesn't exist. Can go 6-7 days without, then 6-7 with a bottle each night + after dinner drink with colleagues... Probably totals about 20-25 bottles a month for wife and I with me drinking 60% of it. (and though this wasn't asked, probably 2 dozen beer and 1/2 bottle of scotch each month).

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              so, your average is 6 bottles per week; :-)

            2. 2-4 glasses a week. More if we have social events or tailgaters.

              1. I conveniently buy wine for drinking separately from wine for cooking, so I could pull this out of my calendar for September through last week, omitting December both because it's an outlier and because I wouldn't be able to figure out what my contribution to that was. Somewhat to my amazement, under the assumption of a 50/50 split in consumption: mean 1,5; median 1; standard deviation 1,3.

                I guess I remember the weeks with 3 or 4 bottles more than those with 0 or 1. Talk about counter-intuitive.

                1. We average a bottle a day at home. More for parties, tailgates and social gatherings. We're lushes for the most part :-)

                  1. Well, I am glad my DH and I are not the only Lushes around!

                    I forgot to add - I also like a nip of brandy every night!

                    1. The last few months my husband and I have been drinking about 3-4 bottles a week. Since my wallet is getting thinner-- and I am not. We're cutting it down to 1 bottle a week now that I am in training for a 5K and am trying to save for a house.

                      1. The two of us drink about 10 bottles per month on average out of our cellar (thank you, Cellartracker) and probably another 4-6 from other sources.

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                          Isn't Cellartracker great?

                          According to Cellartracker, we drink about 4.71 (ha!) bottles a week - not counting what we drink from other sources.

                        2. a bottle a week or so, since DH drinks a few beers a week.

                          1. About half a bottle a day, sometimes 3/4. If I have too much, it's less a question of getting woozy than that my sleep is disturbed. It wouldn't be bad to cut back, perhaps -- a side benefit being that I could buy more expensive wine! But for me, it's just hard to think what else to drink with meals. Wine just goes so well...

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                              This sounds like me. I would probably benefit from cutting back a little, but nothing goes with food like wine. Water doesn't cut it and I'm not a soda drinker. I can do iced tea in the summer, but it doesn't hit the spot in the winter.

                            2. My mother would be SHOCKED at this post!

                              She thinks my DH and I drink about 2 glasses of wine a week (HA!) - and she also thinks we need to be in AA!
                              No one in my family drinks at all! (except me of course!)