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Feb 23, 2009 12:02 PM

Grand Sichuan in Bay Ridge is ALL THAT

Sorry to be so "1995" in my use of language, but I just wanted to thank everyone on the board who has at one time or another toasted Grand Sichuan (both the city and the Bklyn outposts - I don't even know if they are related) because I finally found a GOOD Chinese restaurant.
I took my folks there on Friday night and was amazed by the seriously authentic flavors and actual spiciness!
The cumin beef was outrageous, and the ma po tofu had a fabulous spice with a kick of smokey cumin. Even the scallion pancake was delicious.
I've been so sick of the typical Chinese food places that americanize their food, so this was such a refreshing trip.

Chi Chi Ni (I have no idea how to spell that!)

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  1. Sounds like you ordered well. I'm burnt out on the cumin beef (almost literally), but the ma po tofu is such a hearty and firey dish.

    Lately I am enthused about the Guizhou Spicy Chicken - moderately hot, with chicken, green peppers, and potatoes.

    1. Their dan dan noodle is to die for! Even the "Americanized" dishes there are awesome. I think they have the best chow fun I've ever had.

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        the Dan Dan noodles were amazing. so spicy but without sacrificing flavor.

        1. re: secondbecky

          I went there last weekend specifically for the dan dan noodles and was disappointed. While they were nicely spicy, there was no delicate balance of sweetness from the hot peppers. Wu Liang Ye on lex and 39th still has my vote for best dan dan... willing to try other spots if there are any ideas as I live in brooklyn and midtown is a shlep. Looked for dan dans in sunset park and couldn't find one place that served them.

          1. re: CGFoodie

            the dan dan noodles are actually the thing i like least at grand sichuan (tho i still order them there cause my kids love them.)

            the best i have had are from the sichuan stall at the roosevelt mall. the noodles are yellow and chewier than other places and the dish is nice and fiery.

            I will check out the ones at Wu Liang Ye as I haven't been there yet but have always wanted to.

            For my money, the knockout dishes at grand sichuan are the mapo tofu, the duck with green beans, the cumin beef, and chicken dish that i can never remember the name of. tho everything i have ever seen on other tables always looks amazing. Even the sweet and sour fish a table next to us ordered one evening.

      2. this may be sacrilege to some, but here is one plus of the dan dan noodles: if you are the type of person to mix up all your food in a bowl, rather than delicately maintaining the integrity of each dish, the dan dan noodles really bind everything together nicely. i know this is strange, but last night, as i ate some of the duck w/ spring ginger with some dumplings and rice, i found that the noodles with their spicy oil kind of made it all a little more delicious when added to the mix. just a thought, if you should find yourself with unwanted dan dan noodles.

        i really love GSH. it had been a couple of months since we'd last been there and the woman in the front was like "where've you been??" such an all-around good place; our landlords sent us there last year and we've been grateful (and fatter) ever since.