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Feb 23, 2009 11:40 AM

Parmigiano Reggiano Kosher

Hi, I am thinking of buying Fanticini Parmigiano-Reggiano it says its kosher, first off does anyone know if it is reliable? Also, how long will it last in the fridge? I would like to buy it but I want to make sure its worth the $30 that it costs (including Shipping).

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  1. It's reliable. Where are you located? They sell it at Fairway and Zabars usually so if you're near the UWS you could save on shipping.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      I'm in the Detroit area, how would I save on shipping?

      1. re: crownsbroyal

        you can order online-it is well worth it-also grano padano is quite excellent too

    2. It's most definitely worth it. And it lasts forever! Just curious- how much is it per lb?

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      1. re: cheesecake17

        I believe it is around 29 a pound, however i found it for 20 on, but I'm not sure if that is a pounds worth

        1. re: crownsbroyal

          $29/lb is a bit high, but i guess if you're getting it shipped it'swoth it. It's $28 in fairway and $19 in wegmans

            1. re: GilaB

              In Ocean, NJ. The chunks were sold for $19/lb but there weren't any smallish ones. They were all about 1.5lbs. This was in the summer.

              They were located on the refrigerated shelf in the deli section above the Hebrew National hot dogs.

      2. I've kept it for several months in the fridge (not the Faniticini brand, but another Italian brand, can't remember the name) wrapped in plastic and it was great. There used to be a South American brand carried in the local kosher stores here (Farm Fresh & One Stop); do you know what happened to it? It wasn't a bad substitute and far better than the powdered stuff. I would love to see one of them carry a better selection of kosher cheeses...