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Feb 23, 2009 10:47 AM

Xie Xie sandwich shop

At some point within the last year, I made a note to self to try out this place, which I had noted was at 9th Ave. and 45th (645A Ninth Ave., to be exact.) The other day I went there and couldn't find it. As for the address, I found 645 but not 645A. Do I have the wrong address? Has the shop disappeared? Am I losing my mind?

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  1. AFAIK, it wasn't even scheduled to open until this month - my guess is that they ran into the standard restaurant-opening delays.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Thanks so much. But where is 645A Ninth Ave. The address doesn't exist.

      1. re: mahler5

        i'm sure it's just 645 - you were right, it's the corner of 9th Ave & 45th.

    2. There's some confusion on this thread.

      XAI XAI is a South African wine bar in Hell's Kitchen. XIE XIE is a forthcoming Asian sandwich spot due to open on St. Mark's in March.

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      1. re: D...DF

        no confusion. the first location of Xie Xie - the Asian sandwich shop - is slated to open at 645 Ninth Avenue this month. a *second* location of Xie Xie - again, the sandwich shop - was initially supposed to open on St. Mark's Place in March...but given the delay of the first location, i guess that may happen later than expected.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          Haha the confusion was all mine. Thanks.

      2. just a heads-up in case you missed it...yesterday's NY Times reported that it's finally opening this Saturday, June 27th.

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          1. re: gloriousfood

            man, the crappy weather is screwing *everyone* this summer!

        1. Does anyone know if it's open yet?

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          1. re: mahler5

            We went by in a cab last night and it definitely didnt look open yet. :(

            1. re: mahler5

              been curious about the place as well. I'm ready to be a hater of course but, still curious as to what this guy will come out with.

              1. re: mahler5

                It opens today. I got a sneak peak taste of the menu on Monday and I have to say, it is delicious!! Definitely worth going to and lives up the hype.

                  1. re: Sarandipity711

                    Went there to get the Asian Lobster Roll, which was mentioned on Urban Daddy. Have to say, not worth the effort (walked from Rock Center) nor the price ($14). The place is gorgeous, staff very friendly and attentive, and the packaging is over the top. However the lobster roll had WAY too much dill and I couldn't even taste the lobster. About $3 per bite....I did, however, grab a "MASH" water drink, which I've never seen before. Great.

                  1. re: ExFlexitarian

                    Just went for the first time. The Vietnamese beef sandwich was messy, not bad, but nothing to get all excited about. The beef did not taste barbequed at all (more like pot roast without the sauce). The kimchee was neither spicey nor vinegary -- in fact I would not identify it as kimchee at all. The bun was pretty good, but not substantial enough for all the mayo they put on it, which did not taste basily to me. They were nice. But at $9.75 I wouldn't say it was worth it.
                    On the other hand, I also went up and got a black and white malted at Island Burgers (9th and 51st) and (while junky and a bit too sweet) it still rocks. And even tho they were jammed, I got my malted in 2 minutes.

                    1. re: research

                      I'll jump in. The lobster roll was neither particularly Asian nor special at $14. The glazed prok buns were mighty tasty though derivative of, and not as good as, Momofuku. Cool looking place. Will return to try the Vietnamese beef and desserts but for now I'd have to say "xie xie but no thanks".