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Feb 23, 2009 10:07 AM

Plans for Mardi Gras

What is everyone's plan for Mardi Gras? I can't sit at home becuase it will only upset me I am not in NOLA.

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  1. I'm going to class and trying not to think about wanting to go home to NOLA. And maybe I'll play some music in my car . . . sing along with me!!

    I went on down to da Audubon Zoo, and they all axed for you. :)

    1. Tonight at Mohawk on Red River:

      New Orleans Mardi Gras with Tribe 13 Featuring The Caesar Brothers and Queen G (gaynielle Neville), Austin Nights Brass Band, and Special Guests Big Chief Kevin, Carousel Cabaret, Members Of Diasporic,hopefully they'll have the sense to have a kettle of some Louisiana food

      At Alamo Drafthouse downtown a "Mardi Gras Masquerade Sexy Pop Sing a long",not sure what that is but one would imagine the Alamo,which loves to do food pairings,will have some Gumbo or Etoufee'

      At Submerged on 2nd st a Mardi Gras party with free King Cake and cheap Hurricanes

      Abita Specials and .50cent oysters at Alligator Grill on South Lamar

      J.Black's on w.6th has Gumbo and cheap drinks

      Toni Price Mardi Gras party at Continental....not sure what they're offering but have eaten well at Continental in the past inspite of the fact they don't have a kitchen.

      Mardi Gras party at Evangeline Cafe on Brody Lane w/ Ponty Bone....hopefully Curtis will have some one night only style Louisiana food to go with his Oysters Contraband

      That's about all I could round up. My buddy said it best last night while we were having a few pints."Austin just doesn't have the Mardi Gras spirit"

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      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Chef, thanks for all your recommendations and yes MySharona I will be blaring wwoz from my computer all day!! I can't bring myself to go to Evangeline Cafe as I swear they use blue runner red beans from a can. I swear they taste just like it!!! I know that Gene's po-boys last year had a patron that had king cake to share with everyone.

        1. re: groovinpinky

          Evangeline Cafe is HORRIBLE. I've never been more disappointed in a restaurant. LOL on the Blue Runner, that is exactly what I thought.

          And I agree, SC, Austin doesn't really have the right spirit to pull it off. I did make my mother send me a king cake this year, it was spectacular.

          1. re: MyySharona

            Not to mention that their red beans and rice plate is about $8.00... for beans... rice... and flavorless sausage. I miss getting heaping plates of red beans and rice for next to nothing in Lafayette. Another gripe about Evangeline Cafe is that their po boy bread is horrible, toasted crisp. That must be a Lake Charles thing.

            1. re: MyySharona

              As a former Westbanker--Algiers--I'd say Austin does pretty well with Carnaval as far as spirit goes. If you haven't been, then git wid it. As for Gene's, I thought it was decent, but have heard the ownership has changed. Alligator Grill wasn't horrible, but i've not been in 15 years....however, Ponty Bone is quite cool regardless of locale!

              1. re: sambamaster

                samba ... carnaval ... i will be missing it by a coupla weeks, but that doesn't mean you can't tell me where to eat in sao paulo.

                simple and traditional brazilian to home-style japanese, you name it, i want it. give me the goods please. staying centro.

                thanks !