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Feb 23, 2009 09:56 AM

Am I the only one who finds Al Clad difficult to clean?

I just bought all new pots and pans and for the most part I purchased LeCreuset stainless. I did, however, buy one small Al Clad frying pan and have found it miserable to clean. I gave in and took the SOS to it, so what's the deal. I don't want to spend all day scrubbing. The LeCreuset on the other hand is great.

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  1. Barkeeper's Friend perhaps? Works really well on the SS.

    1. Is it stuff that sticks from the food you have trouble with, or general discoloration (blue/brown spots)?

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      1. re: razkolnikov

        which ever the problem is (food or grease) bar keepers friend WILL take it off. You will spend so little time scrubbing you'll kick yourself for not trying it earlier. I get the pan wet, sprinkle on BKF then use my teflon scrubber to get off any stuck on foods as well as the yellow grease that seems to get all over the bottom of the pan. If you find something particularly tough, make a little paste with the BKF and let it sit for a minute before scrubbing. It will work. It's also perfect for any other discolorations you might have.

        1. re: sandih

          Well, the reason I asked is because if it's not food, I probably wouldn't bother. I have those blue/brown spots on mine (presumably from overheating), but just leave them be. Once in a while when I have some BKF out for something else, I clean the pan. But it gets those spots soon again.

          Maybe I should dial down the heat ...

      2. All-Clad fry pans are notoriously
        difficult to clean. Hardly worth the
        trouble, for many people,

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        1. re: mpalmer6c

          really? i hadn't noticed all clad being any harder to clean than sitram stainless

          1. re: chuckl

            Besides BKF, I've found that the discoloration can be removed with some Limeaway.

            1. re: chuckl

              It's not as bad as Sitram, but still difficult for some reason. My Sitram pan is impossible.

            2. re: mpalmer6c

              I have one and love to cook with it but yes, it is difficult to clean. A pain at times, but I still like the pan. BKF is very helpful.

            3. Barkeepers Friend is the trick. 1st clean with soap and water and then sprinkle on the powder and wipe with a scrubby. It will come out beautiful. I don't seem to need it every time, although I know people who do both steps all the time.

              1. Pegmeister, I agree with the Barkeeper's Friend advice. I do find my All Clad a bit more of a challenge to clean, but I love them.