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Feb 23, 2009 09:52 AM

Your "Go To" Beer?

One of the biggest decisions I have to make is what kind of beer to drink when at a bar or restaurant. Living in NJ, my favorite brewers are Victory, Flying Fish and Dogfish, so i enjoy many of the brews offered by these wonderful brewers when I am at home.

It's rare that I see these on tap though (or available at all). Usually, a Sierra Nevada wil be on tap, and that's what I would order. (Thankfully, since this is one of my favorite beers!)

So, i am asking, what is your "go to" beer, when the pickings are slim outside of Coors-Coors Light-Miller-Miller Lite, Bud-Bud Light, Heineken, and Corona?

Also, do you find yourself bored with the typical beer offerings at many restaurants?

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  1. So you are asking if all they have is macros what should you get? If they have Sam Adams Ill get that. If they have Guinness Ill get that. If all they have is Miller/Bud/Coors on tap Ill ask what bottles they have. Its pretty rare that no place has at least one passable bottle of beer available. Especially now that A-B/InBev has distributor deals with some decent breweries/beers. I went to a dive bar the other day that had very little on tap but had Leffe in bottles which suited me fine.

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    1. re: Insidious Rex

      Ditto on the Guinness. I have also been finding Stella Artois and Spaten lager to be more readily available.

    2. Living in Montreal, I tend to order Coup de Grisou wherever I see it (that is, if I am not somewhere which brews it's own beer in-house). It's really buckwheat-y and goes well with most any food. If I am out of town, I will try to order something local. I don't have any go-to beer that you can find on tap just anywhere, unfortunately. If I had a gun put to my head, it would have to be Rickard's White, cause I love Blanche beers.

      1. SNPA is my fallback if nothing else interesting is a available, and it's a good beer. But for the most part, I only patronize businesses that support local and craft breweries, so I rarely find myself in that position. You might check beer advocate or for a list of bars/ restaurants in your area that carry craft beer. Or check your local brewer's website, they may have a list of places that carry their beer.

        1. Guiness, Sam Adams, and Sierra Nevada are all over the place and I like all of these so U rarely have a problem. Barring that, if I have to go with a wine, a glass of Shiraz or a Spanish red is always welcome as well.

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          1. re: The Professor

            I agree with the professor, not necessarily the order, but the list..great beer there..

          2. I can usually find a Sam Adams Boston Ale or even Geary's Pale Ale on run-of-the-mill menus around here. If all they've got is crap macros I'm probably in the wrong place - but if I really want a beer I'd opt for Bud over Miller and Coors only if it's free and I'm desperate.

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            1. re: Kinnexa

              I agree. I'm kind of a beer geek and find that I choose where to go eat based on their beer list mose so then the menu, but I'm fortunate to live near at least 3 brew pubs and 4 or 5 top notch beer bars/gastropubs

              1. re: Chefmonty

                Ditto that.... go to is smithwicks, after that guinness, then probably sam. But if they have anything i haven't tried before, I get that first.