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Feb 23, 2009 09:44 AM

Fine (bar) dining recommendations?

My BFF is coming to visit this weekend. We were talking about a bottle of champagne and a light bite somewhere. Would do a lunch, too, but we really enjoy dining at the bar.

Is there a bar at Le Bernardin? What about Jean Georges?

Other recommendations?

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  1. The "bar" at Jean Georges is located inside Nougatine, the casual room of the restaurant. You cannot order food from the formal dining room at the bar.

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    1. re: kathryn

      There is a bar at Le Bernardin and you can order from the full dinner menu. You can order from the formal dining room menu at the bar at Jean Georges if you ask nicely.

    2. My favorite bar dining is L'Atelier. Really wonderful food. Small plates so you can eat as little or as much as you'd like. I also like small plates so you can try more things. And it's an open kitchen. So the bar is the perfect place to view them make your meal.

          1. re: trixareforkids

            IIRC you can order from the regular menu at the bar at EMP during lunch, but not dinner.

            1. re: kathryn

              I used to work in the building and EMP seemed rather subdued. I was hoping for something a bit more lively?

              1. re: MB fka MB

                I wouldn't call Le-Bernardin lively but its the best meal I've had. Don't know about dining at the bar but it looked nice. I LOVED EMP bar! Nice setting, great food, and cool bartenders.

                1. re: cgervais45

                  Well thanks for the input. I've not been to either (yet!)

          2. Second L'Atelier, caveat being that I've been to the one in Paris but not in nyc. Very interested in sethd's comment that you can order from the Jean Georges formal dining room menu at the nougatine bar, if you ask nicely. Will have to try that sometime. Should note that while that would certainly be preferable, nougatine at its best can be quite good, I had a slow cooked salmon in rhubarb sauce there in the summer that was memorable, absolutely excellent.

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              I have an advantage at Jean Georges since I have eaten there on average of 3 times a week for the last 8 years. Having said that, I have noticed over the years that if guests ask to see and then t ask to order from the main dining room menu those desires are usually met gladly.
              Although, I have enjoyed eating at the bar at L'atelier, I have always had a tough time justifying the cost of the meal. It is very expensive for a "bar meal". As mentioned, it is possible to eat at the bar at Le Bernardin: the service is exceptional at the bar as well.

              1. re: sethd

                About L'Atelier -- but it's a "bar meal" with entertainment all included.

                I do have to say that irrespective of cost, and having eaten at all of the restaurants listed here (with the exception of Telepan and Modern), I loved the food at l'Atelier the most.