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Feb 23, 2009 08:52 AM

laguna beach on a monday nite

got to go down to laguna beach for work today and bringing the lady along so we can enjoy dinner afterwards before the drive back to LA proper. i can't seem to find anything that doesn't seem either very pricey or uninspiring based on the searches i've done/ responses i've found. could someone recommend something interesting that is not $$$$? any ethinicity/ specialties happily considered - i'd just like to avoid hotel food.
thank you!

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  1. 23 Forrest, really great food.

    1. thanks for the rec. it looks a little more expensive than i was desiring, but certainly an option.
      i'd also take recs for huntington beach since we've got a stop to make there also. (and last time inbetween i ended up at newport rib co. b/c i was so starving and drove past it - please dont let me make a similar mistake again!)
      thank you!

      1. For ultra casual and tasty I go to La Sirena Grill in downtown Laguna. I love their Blackened Salmon Salad.

        La Sirena Grill
        347 Mermaid St, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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          looks very nice sel. it's on the list. also thinking about sundried tomato cafe

        2. Hope you can still use this. Coyote Grill is fun and moderately priced.

          1. If it's not too late, I rec Sabatino's in Newport between Laguna and Huntington.