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Feb 23, 2009 08:47 AM

Bear and Grill--Brunch--Orange, CT

After getting some feedback on here, my small party decided to check out brunch at Bear and Grill in Orange, CT. I can't say that I know of many other locations that serve brunch in the area.

I was a little nervous and expecting animal heads on the wall to talk, like at bugaboo creek. I was pleasantly surprised to find the decor different--not unlike a rustic lodge. Kid friendly, yet free from the Chuck-E-Cheese-like atmosphere that plagues the aforementioned restaurant.

I think everybody agreed that the spread was outstanding. Roast turkey, prime rib, eggs, bacon, sausage, corned beef hash, biscuits, eggs florentine, tortellini alfredo, monte cristo sandwiches, french toast, pancakes, riblets, kolbasi and kraut....

Everything was tops. The price with tip included was averaged out to be around 25 per person, so do bring money--but it's worth it once in a while!

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  1. I've been there and agree....compared to every other restaurant on the strip, it was very nice. No waiting and everything that you would want. My son went crazy for the desert table!

    1. Agree, food is excellent quality (particularly like the Seafood Newburg). However, on recent trip I went they had dry roast beef instead of the prime rib, less of a value that visit.

      Otherwise, only complaint is they open too late (noon and not a minute earlier, sometimes a little later) for "brunch" for families with younger kids. Also, $15 is a little steep to charge for a six year old, especially in this economy.

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        12:00?? I went at 10:45 and started eating @ 11 AM. Who knows

        1. re: triggs73

          Before going I called, and their brunch starts at 11AM. Maybe your party was too large allen?

          Agreed on charging 15 bucks for a six year old.

      2. I hate the be the " I hate everything guy" but we just went there for mothers day. All 8 of us thought the food was terrible. Nothing was good. I would compare it to like if your local diner had a Lunch buffet. They tried but failed.

        The service was good and the Manager was extremely helpful and accommodating. it was too bad the food was disappointing. I would never go back.

        We were supposed to go to La Luna but we messed up our reservations and wound up here. Seriously avoid if you like good food. If you like Hometown Buffet, then you will think this is fancy.

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          I agree with john here... i went there for Fathers Day once and got the most expensive4 meal on the menu... the filet and grilled shrimp or whatever it was. I still remember how horrible that food was. It took forever to get there, it was a little pricey, and the food was about as bland and minimalistic it could be. i don't even think they used any spices at all on it, maybe salt and pepper. Never again.

          Bear & Grill
          385 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477