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Feb 23, 2009 08:36 AM

Will Roux in a jar ruin my Gumbo?

I'm just looking to save a litlle time and I found a jarred Roux (Bootsie's) at the grocery store. I'm in Central Illinois so it was a rare find. Dumb question next....the oil has seperated. Do I pour that off or mix it in???


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  1. Others may disagree, but I would pour it off.
    When I make brown roux at home, I always make extra to keep in a jar in the fridge. And I always pour off the excess butter when it has separated and is still in a liquid state.
    It'll retain enough fat for flavor and mouhfeel, and you won't get an oil slick on the top of your gumbo.

    1. l use Kary's roux, both dark and light and do not discard oil, just go through it with a spoon and take what l need, thus the jar has still a layer of oil above the roux. Used to make my own, but this stuff works great.

      1. Haven't use the canned stuff, but it probably doesn't matter very much. It's the flour, not the oil, that does the work. You might pour it off just to reduce the amount of fat in the dish by a little.

        1. Never used store bought, however all roux separates after it sits. You simply mix it back up...this of course assumes your original ratios were correct, which may not be the case if your gumbos have an "oil slick" on them. :-)

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            My gumbos don't have an oil slick on them.
            Because I skim the excess out of the roux before storing it.
            Wouldn't want to remove all of it. Anyway, as pointed out, it's the flour that does the work not the oil. I'm not adverse to consuming fat (that, after all, is where the flavor is) but the flour has absorbed enough, and the other ingredients in the gumbo will add some too.

          2. I have used Bootsie's and Kary's and find my gumbo is just as good as when I stand over the stove waiting for my homemade roux to get the right color. For the ease they are very good products. I usually stir my oil back in before taking out what I need.