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Five-borough dumpling tour

Five boroughs. Five cuisines. One day. A friend and I are on a mission.

Taking suggestions for all manner of dumplings (defined loosely as dough wrapped around stuff and boiled/steamed/fried): gyoza, pierogi, empanadas, samosas, ravioli, etc. Ideas for the Bronx (bonus points for Riverdale) and Staten Island particularly welcome.

What do you recommend?

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  1. Brooklyn:
    Upscale Asian (take out) Eton
    Cheap Asian Kai Feng Fu
    Russian: Get a Ponchik from any grocery window or cart on Brighton Beach Ave. or at M & I International (they should also have Pelmeni
    Polish: Theresa's or you can probably do better in Greenpoint, but I don't have any specific suggestions. Search the OB board for pirogi
    Tibetan momos: Top Café Tibet

    80 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Kai Feng Fu
    4801 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

    M&I International Food
    249 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

    205 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Cafe Tibet
    1510 Cortelyou Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11226

    1. Liebman's Kosher Restaurant
      552 West 235th Street (Johnson Avenue), Riverdale; (718)548-4534.

      Have read good things about their kreplach!

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        Where have you read about it?

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          Pan, sorry to get back to you so late -- thought it was Serious Eats but can't find it now. If I do will let you know. Haven't had kreplach in years, miss it.

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            I wish they had a branch in Manhattan. Thanks, mooms.

      2. In Queens:

        White Bear (Chinese Dumplings)
        135-02 Roosevelt Ave
        Flushing, NY

        1. My new favorite dumplings: the hand-made pork dumplings (they've also got vegetable and beef, which I haven't yet tried), at Radiance Tea House and Books, midtown Manhattan, 55th Street, b/w 7th and 6th Ave. Amazing.

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            Holly cow, I'm so glad someone mentioned this place! It's pretty new still I think. It's a tea house but they have the most amazing dumplings ever.

            The pork ones are naturally juicy, and of good quality! I mean the cheap ones in Chinatown are good, but I always spit out a piece of pork or two, and...I know many of you has experience...the "dumpling farts"...yep those are brutal. I have to say...not only do I not get "dumpling farts" from this place...but the pork is very tender and never had to spit out a fatty or chewy piece.

            The highlight are the veggie dumps for sure. I've never had a good homemade veggie dumpling before...until now. Usually they're always too dry or salty. These have bok choy, unbelievable.

            Anyways, I'm glad they're still pretty new which means it's not totally packed and I can always getta a seat =)

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              Tried these yesterday (see my review under Manhattan board). So delicous. The vegetable were really good as were the "little soupy pork buns." Definitely a winner and a lovely place.

            2. And the winners were (after a lot of research on Chowhound and beyond...):

              Bronx: Pupusas at La Orquidea
              Manhattan: Kreplach soup at Lansky's on the Upper West Side
              Queens: Wontons from White Bear in Flushing
              Brooklyn: Pierogi at Karczma in Greenpoint
              Staten Island: Spinach ravioli in walnut sauce at Trattoria Romana near the Old Town train stop

              We pulled it off in 14 hours with a lot of coffee, followed by quite a bit of beer and wine.

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                How about Mandoo Bar on W. 32nd St for Korean mandoo dumplings?

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                  it seems like 5 dumpling tours are in order. One for each borough. Picking one from each borough is just too small a sample. It would be a fun car ride though.

                2. Sifu Chiu has the best Hong Kong style dumplings and fried wontons. 40th Ave at Prince St, Flushing.

                  1. Eton's dumplings in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn are great. I love the chicken ones.

                    1. I just wanted to say that this is such a good idea! Thanks for all the suggestions; I know what I'm doing this weekend!

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                        I am surprised no one has mentioned The Good Fork in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The woman who owns it won a dumpling competition with iron chef Bobby Flay,

                      2. Joe Shanghai's - soup dumplings

                        1. Good Dumpling House on Grand between Mott and Elizabeth. Some photos here:


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                            Thanks. The short version is, you liked them, right?

                          2. Follow up: We did a Manhattan-only crawl in June and it was equally fun. You could argue that we interpreted "dumpling" too loosely, but we hit a taqueria in Spanish Harlem for tamales (and the tamale cart lady during our research expedition); Uskudar, a Turkish place on the UES, for manti (the collective favorite of the dozen dumplingites); Curry in a Hurry for samosas in Murray Hill (next time we'll probably go for Tibetan); pierogi at Veselka; and finishing off at Dim Sum Go Go on East Broadway. The last place I like for its consistency and for the ability to order by menu -- convenient when some folks with shellfish allergies were in the group. It was about 8 hours, start to finish, and incredibly fun.

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                              Fried Dumpling @ 106 Mosco Street. Mosco St. is a short, steep street between Mulberry and Mott St.'s in Chinatown, within view of the park, not far from Chatham square. The pork and chinese chive dumplings are handmade in the wee store ( my Mom's kitchen is bigger). They are fried on one side while they steam. On the counter with 4/5 stools is a watered down soy/vinegar spritz and hot sauce. I would rate them a 7 out of ten. But get this. For college students on a budget.(or anyone:) ) or anyone that would just like to try em, they are only 5 for a dollar cooked. The female owner has all the charm of an ornery steer with an impacted tooth. But atmosphere and hostess with mostess flair are not the place's strong points. Freshly made and quite tasty, thin cocooned dumplings at a terrific price are. Stay safe and bon appetit, phil <-----L<<<

                              Fried Dumpling
                              106 Mosco St, New York, NY 10013