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Feb 23, 2009 07:52 AM

Tostada Restaurant in Monterrey

Does anyone know the name of a very old, traditional restaurant in Monterrey, which served huge tostadas, lots of shredded chicken, cream, and a peculiar guacamole with raw tomatillos? It all came with another tostada on top. Is it still open?

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  1. Dear you,

    This is EAVV from Monterrey. The name of the restaurant is Tosdadas de la Siberia #1 or just the La Siberia. The owner was a guy with the last name Rocha. His sons opened similar restaurantes everywhere but with the condition not to use the Siberia itself but Siberia #2, #3, Tostadas de la Sibera #2, La Siberiana. His sons and grandsons run the restaurants. The original Sibera is on the street Colegio Civil between Calzada Madero (or Avenida Francsico I. Madero) and Reforma, next to the second most important black market in Monterrey after La Pulga Mitras.
    Siberia name, according to Chuy Rocha, the elder son of Mr. Rocha, and owner of Siberia #2, #8, #15, was because his father was a communist and he was sent to russia by the mexican communist party during the 40's decade... I worked with Chuy Rocha when I was just a kid... and a poor one. So Im a direct source.

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      Thanks! What a great story, I am going to be in Monterrey this Friday and i hope to get a chance to go to any of the new Siberias. I went as a kid to the original one and so did my dad. It´d be great to take my kids to taste Siberia´s huge tostadas some day....There was also another good old little restaurant on La with comida corrida....the last thing i learned was that it had become a coperativa...but i don´t remember the name.