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Feb 23, 2009 07:49 AM

Emilia Romagna suggestions?

At the beginning of April I'll be popping into the Emilia Romagna region for a few days after a business trip, and I'd love food suggestions. Here's the deal:

-I'll be alone
-I'll be based in Bologna and probably won't have a car (thoughts?)
-I'm hoping to not spend a bundle
-I'll definitely have wine with my food, but care much more about the food than the wine


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  1. There are a good number of attractive cities (Modena, Ferrara, Parma, Mantua, Cremona, etc.) that are likely within a 60-75 minute train ride of Bologna. The food in the region is very, very good.

    I suggest doing "Search this board" searches for all of these cities (and of course, Bologna) to retrieve prior threads for recommendations and suggestions.

    One "don't miss" place is the small dining room (hostaria) of the Guisti food shop in Modena. Only lunch is served and reservations are an absolute must as there are only 4 tables.

    Tamburini in Bologna is a food shop that is a shrine to the foods of the region.

    1. A wonderful way to eat well, learn about the culture and meet local people is to join one of the Home Food dinners.Home Food started in Bologna and it is sponsored by the MInistry of Agriculture in collaboration with the University of Bologna, as a project to preserve traditional culinary history. The cesarine (the women involved in the project) are everywhere in Italy, in fact I think they are mainly in the North. You can read more about on the Home Food website: Enjoy!

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        what a great suggestion. Home Food looks amazing - thanks!

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          No prob! I have gone to a bunch of their dinners here in Rome and in Bologna and absolutely loved the experience.

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            I just returned from a trip to Bologna and Milan. I had Home Food meals in each of the cities and they were wonderful food and social/cultural experiences. The hosts were excellent cooks and the evenings were very enjoyable.