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Feb 23, 2009 07:00 AM

Cafe Fixe - Finally.....great coffee!

I've now been to Cafe Fixe (Washington Sq, Brookline) 4 times. They specialize in custom brewed coffees/teas. They have french press, and "pour overs", which are made-to-order single cup drips. They also offer premade drip, but not premade decaf. I've had decaf americanos a couple of times and they were superb! Almost tasted like "real coffee". I also went once with a group, and we sampled espresso, a pour over (Haitian beans), the regular drip and a hot chocolate. All were top notch! The only complaint is that they only have one person working at a time, so the coffees come up VERY SLOWLY. Fine if you are not in a rush. A few tables...not a relaxed "coffeehouse" atmosphere, but serviceable. Excellent jazz always playing.

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  1. So, have any hounds visiting this place yet?

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    1. re: Science Chick

      I've been a few times; inconsistently great coffee with a high degree of attitude almost every time. (Wouldn't brew a new pot of their darker roast when they were out of it, looked at me funny when I brought my own travel mug and then tried to fill it halfway when they thought I was trying to scam them for an extra few oz's of java) My visits have been limited to busy weekend mornings, so the vibe may be different at other times. I'll continue to go here over Starbucks but wish they'd hire some friendly faces.

      1. re: JoeM

        I didn't really get any severe attitude....not super friendly though...kind of a cool vibe by the guy that works there (the owner?)

        although one time I was with my sis-in-law and she wanted steamed milk on the side to go in her americano. He wanted to charge her extra, because he can't steam "just a little" and then tried to convince her to get a latte. She likes steamed milk, just not ALOT so he finally just gave it to her. I don't get it, if she wanted to take a liberal amount from the regular dispensers, he wouldn't charge for *that* why charge for the extra 3 seconds of labor to steam it (and he's providing Barista services anyway).