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ISO of "crab over sticky rice" near the Grand Street B/D station.

i want some crab over sticky rice for lunch. Anyone know where I can find a decent version within a few blocks of the Grand Street B/D stop?

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  1. thats kind of a big dish for lunch yeah? im sure one of the big seafood halls serves it, but i've only gotten at Amazing 66, its good there although you'd need more than one person to eat it (if you ever go to Flushing, Imperial Palace's version is excellent)

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      Thanks for the Amazing 66 idea. That new place on the first floor of Golden Bridge is also a Danny Ng resto so I'll check and see if they have it there. It's only about 3 blocks extra to Amazing 66 but it seems to take so much more time.
      One order (with one crab) usually isn't that big, maybe 3-4 bowls of rice so its the perfect size for me.

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        yah i saw that place, i was sort of confused b/c i thought danny ng's closed, but apparently not (plus i think alot of the amazing 66 chef's are originally from danny ng's)

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          It isn't necessarily what I would eat for lunch alone, but Danny Ng's crab and rice dish is good!

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            ah ill have to try

            btw like i said in my original response, if you like crab rice you need to make the trek to imperial palace

            1. re: Lau

              I've had that too! Agreed the rice there is more flavorful.

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                Had it for lunch today. It's pretty good but they definitely could make the rice more flavorful. The rice needs a bit more "wok air" and they should stir everything up a bit more. There are definitely distinct wet and dry spots. Some of the rice is not coated enough with the crab juices and other bits where its just completely saturated. More of the scallion bits and fried bits of garlic would probably be good too.

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                  yeah its def not as flavorful as IP....definitely get out to IP, cant recommend that place enough

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                    I did and it's good but not good enough for a trek out to flushing just to eat it.

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              That picture looks great. Now I just need to find the number. I actually do the same thing that you mentioned your friends doing, I only eat the rice and the yellow/orangish stuff in the main shell. Most of the flavor from the crab is soaked up by the rice so the crab itself is pretty bland.