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Feb 23, 2009 06:53 AM

UNION TRUST- Yes or No??

Has anyone been to the new steakhouse in Philly called Union Trust. A lot of hooplah... any substance?

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  1. I looked at their online menu. Interesting, pricey and I can't believe we have so many steakhouses in Philadelphia! I will be interested to see the reviews.

    1. extremely disappointing, food was not very good at all and it is crazy expensive

      1. they are closing is how I hear it

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          where'd you hear that wordbond??...i've had some friends work there since opening...some still there, some gone.

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            We have eaten at UT around 10 meals now. A few lunches and the rest dinner.
            It has evolved over the last several months to a really good steakhouse. The Steaks are top notch. The room is beautiful and service has been consistently good. Downstairs and upstairs bars and a 50 foot cieling with hand painted mosaic tile. It was a bank and later Jack Kellmer jewelers. Early on, the prices were disproportionately high compared to other places. They have since come down like 25 percent. The Steaks!!! My Favorite, The Long bones have incredible flavor and always cooked perfectly. I have been fortunate to have tried the vertical tasting of them as well as individually and IMHO there is not a better steak in Philly. The Meat comes from Allen brothers out of Chicago. The seafood towers are generous and offer gigantic shrimp, king crab legs, several types of crab claws and colossal jumbo lump, oysters etc. They have 3 price ranges and have always been willing to add or subtract our likes and dislikes. The Lobster tail is a 20 once joy to eat, succulent and delicious. The original menu had a chef's paring of Oysters and caviar (six spoons). It is gone now. As is the opening chef Terry White. The present chef is a Cap Grill alum Quincy (forget last name). Desserts are great and pastry chef worked at Berns in Tampa. I have had her gelatos, sorbets, granitas and various cheesecakes. My wife is a dessert fan and raves about many. Wine list has been weak but I understand a large influx to inventory
            is coming near labor day. This is a wonderful place to have a cocktail, lunch, or dinner. I see they will be formally reviewed by Mr. Laban in next week's Inquirer. Good Luck!!