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Feb 23, 2009 06:47 AM

Brooklyn Kosher Food Field Trip - Need Advice

I must confess, I am hopelessly ignorant when it comes to the kosher food scene in Brooklyn. A friend and I are planning a field trip and we want to check out 3-4 different places, do a course in each place. Also planning on stopping at Pomegranate supermarket to check it out. Can anyone help me devise an itinerary for some great kosher grub in Brooklyn? I prefer ethnic cuisine obviously - not deli and pizza. Thanks.

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  1. on coney island b/w kings highway and ave p is mosh moshi-great sushi and asian food and the green tea is fantastic! same side of the street as pomegranate

    1. IF Carlos and Gabbys has opened on Coney Island btw J & K, you might want to try out their mexican food. Anyone know if it's opened yet?

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        Thanks! What about Israeli/Middle Eastern stuff?

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          Jerusalem Steakhouse on Avenue M is very good for Israeli/MIddle Eastern.

          Moshi Moshi is just ok but they have a great lunch special on sushi. I prefer Fuji Hana. The food isn't as greasy and they have a much larger menu.

          Carlos and Gabby's hasn't opened yet (as of yesterday)

          If you want a dairy meal, not sure if it qualifies as "ethnic", Cafe Venezia is excellent. I love their salads and my husaband loves the pizza there. It's brick oven gourmet pizza, very different than what you would get in a regular pizza shop. It's on Coney Island Avenue btwn J & K

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            david's, on kings highway, great middle eastern food. if you go there, you must go to mansoura's bakery shop a few doors down, unbelievable kosher middle eatern/oriental desserts & baklava
            shang chai on flatbush avenue, great chinese.
            a new hibachi steak house recently opened, i think on ave u, you might like it a lot

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              I was at Shang Chai last week for a friend's birthday. Absolutely awful. Very greasy and overall horrible food.

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          1. Others worth a try:

            * El Gaucho - Argentinian

            * Glatt Kosher Family (or whatever the Chinese place opposite Dougies is called) - get the sesame noodles.

            * Olympic - Israeli

            * Burgers Bar - get the chicken salad

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              olympic pita has been well reviewed - from NY magazine

              Anyone who's confined his pita-sandwich consumption to Macdougal Street and street carts is likely suffering from a common misperception: If you've had one shawarma, you've had 'em all. Disabuse yourself of that notion by ordering the succulent Middle Eastern–Israeli poultry version at Olympic Pita, a bustling kosher restaurant in Midwood, Brooklyn. The flavorful amalgam of chicken and turkey is sliced off the spit and rolled up in a pita or—better yet—a sesame-seeded lafa, the blistered and blackened brick-oven bread resilient enough to contain the juicy, flavorful meat and the awesome sauces (a dangerously spicy, cilantro-based zhoug and a sweet-and-sour mango condiment called amba). The sandwich price includes a salad bar, with all manner of crunchy shawarma add-ons like sour pickles, radishes, pickled turnips, and delectably oily deep-fried eggplant

            2. I strongly second the David's, on Kings Highway, Mansoura's Bakery combo as well as Olympic Pita.

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                We had a great time walking the streets of Midwood and Flatbush. We spent a lot of time at Mansoura's (amazing - handmade everything, though from my estimation not a super-hechsher for those who care?) then went to David's for a light lunch. The salads were fresh, kubbeh soup pretty good (not Israel good, but very passable), and though we didn't order any - the skewers that passed up by looked mile-long and loaded with delicious meat. We also had a tasty lachmajun. Pomegranate was very interesting. Aside from the very pricey house-made cheeses, sauces, prepared foods and meats, I actually found the prices on regular groceries to be very competitive.

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                  Wow, I'm jealous! Thanks for reporting back.