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Feb 23, 2009 06:07 AM

Good butcher in Brooklyn?

I am looking for a good butcher, especially one that deals in game, like venison, rabbit, etc. I haven't been able to find a good one. Any ideas or suggestions?


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  1. Check out Marlow and Daughters in Williamsburg. They do it all. I've eaten at the restaurants they supply meat for and I will admit that I actually didn't even eat port until I ate at Marlow and Sons and was converted...srsly.

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    1. re: danalorraine

      Marlow and Daughters has an artfully presented selection, especially of off-cuts, but they carry little or no game meat. Try Staubitz Market on Court St. It's expensive, though, and a Brooklynite (I'm from Manhattan) might be able to suggest a lower-priced alternative.

      1. re: Amy Mintzer

        try Tribuzzio on 18th Ave. btwn 77-78th Street. I'm sure he can get rabbit, anything else you'd have to ask. However he does get great steaks, T-bone or Club, really excellent quality and his prices are great.

        1. re: Amy Mintzer

          staubitz is a great shop but they don't have any fresh game. their quails and rabbits are frozen.