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Feb 23, 2009 06:01 AM

Sienna, Stamford

Just a quick update note on this place. I've been going here about once a year or so for the past seven years. It seems to get decent (though mixed) reviews on this board, but I've always been happy with my meals. I usually get the homemade pasta with duck ragu (generally wide papardelli-like noodles). It's the perfect dish for a cold night.

I went again the other night. We didn't have a reservation, and it was Saturday night around 7:30, but still were seated within about 20 minutes. We were going to a dessert party afterwards so I just ordered an entree and my wife ordered pasta and a salad. No other antipastas or appetizers. But I just had to say that my meal - pan roasted chicken with sausage - was great. In fact, it was the first time in a few months that I haven't left a sit-down restaurant disappointed. The chicken was cut into big pieces, and bone in (a big plus). It was perfectly cooked - very, very moist and flavorful. The sausage came cut into 1-inch chunks with a nicely seared char to the outside. The chicken and sausage came with braised greens that were also excellent. My meal was wonderful.

My wife's meal was good, if unremarkable. I can't remember exactly what it was... a pasta with a fresh tomato sauce, cheese and something else. Frankly, I didn't really pay any attention because mine was so much more interesting.

The place can get a little noisy inside when it's really busy, but it's got a nice interior. The service is fine (for me... I'm not picky). It's not as expensive as some places in Stamford, but still not cheap. My entree was $25 and my wife's was $18 (I think).

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  1. Wow. I am glad to hear this b/c we ate there 2 years ago and I ordered the duck ragu. I ended up puncturing the inside of my cheek on a sharp piece of bone and, after bringing it to the waiter's attention and then the manager's- I was given the reply, " At least you know we use real duck!". That, on top of an obnoxious wait and so-so service prompted me to never return.

    1. I've never been knocked out at Sienna --- and have often found the service a bit too cavalier. I may revisit based on your review because I do like the space.

      I've had better meals tho at downtown Italianos like Columbus Park, Aria, Emme, Mona Lisa, Il Falco. At about the same price points (w exception of Il Falco)

      1. Oh, the service at Siena. I often feel like I am annoying them by being there.
        I once got the chicken/sausage dish and really liked it- not wild about meals that are ONLY composed of meat, with no veggies/starch, but it really was tasty.
        Their house salad is generous; I appreciate that.