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Feb 23, 2009 05:56 AM

Pre-theatre dinner at Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Would like to know any choices for dinner around this area. We're seeing Oliver next month and would like cheap dinner options. We've tried Wacha(sp?) and did not like it. If we can't find anything, we'd probably resort to Nando's or Pizza Express or some sarnies. For budget, we'd want to spend under £20 for 2 people. It doesn't really matter what it is just as long as we get to eat.

Thanks for the ideas!

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  1. is that under £20 per person, or total?

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    1. re: batfink23

      yah about £20 for the total bill. I know that's really really cheap but that's all I can afford, unfortunately. my intern salary doesn't cut it in london!

      1. re: felizglfr

        honestly, if that's what we're talking about you are probably better off in pizza express, its good and it will keep in budget.

        I think you're looking for the great, secret recommendation, that you might get in NYC say. that is unlikely to happen. someone might claim to have some great option, but in london its just as likely to be rubbish when you get there. there aren't many hidden gems at the really low end.

        pizza express is a good option at the best of times.

    2. There's the Boulevard Brasserie. It's what I call inexpensive and while not great, it's not awful either. The frites are tasty.

      1. if you're happy with a 10 minute walk check out arbutus - they do good value pre-theatre menus - £17.50 for 3 courses

        1. I had another thought... what about Belgo Central? Their food is tasty and if you're there early before 6, the price is the same as the time you order. Their chicken is very good as are the moules.

          I don't know what kind of intern you are, but I sympathise. Been there... done that.

          1. What about Malaysia Kopi Tiam on Charing Cross Road? Good cheap food and much better than going to a chain (although I have a soft spot for Pizza Express). There have been some posts on here about it, and I think it fits the bill.

            There are lots of places in that area that should be cheap enough - Limster may know of more, or you could just take a chance on somewhere.

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            1. re: Theresa

              To be honest, I've barely scratched the surface in that area (tons of places that I've never been to), but here are some dishes/restaurants that are very worthwhile.

              I like the Hainanese chicken rice at Malaysian Kopi Tiam, and the Penang style cha kuey teow was also enjoyable (even though I'm more used to the Singapore style).

              The Hainanese chicken rice at Rasa Sayang (next to Leong's Legends on Macclesfield Street) was good too, and if my experience was typical, I'd definitely get the nasi lemak there, which was probably the best version I've had outside of Singapore.

              C&R in Rupert Court still has my favourite wan tan ho - flat rice stir-fried rice noodles with a starchy sauce, a near raw egg that is essentially cooked from the heat of the sauce, and a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables. Always ask for the pickled green chili. For a bit extra, might even be able to get some nyonah style kueh (basically cakes/dessert), I don't know if they sell them at the sit down part of C&R, but the shop across the restaurant is also owned by them and has a display case with all the sweet stuff.

              I would also check if there are hand made Northern style dumpling/shui2 jiao2 at Super Star on Lisle street. Share a few plates of those (I think it was ~£3.50 for 6 or so dumplings) and finish off with a dessert of egg tarts at Wonderful Patisserie. Jen Cafe also has hand made dumplings too, if you need a dumpling backup. I liked the ones at Super Star more, but have only had Jen's and Super Star's once each.

              I remember Misato on Wadour Street being very cheap for Japanese food, and iirc roughly in your price range. Good deep frying, I'd probably get something like a katsu curry, possible that other items may be good too.

              All of these should get you to about £10 per person, if you don't go overboard with drinks etc.

              1. re: limster

                The closet place would be Cote on Tavistock St, right down the street from the theatre. You could check prices on the web. But I think you will come in range. Do not try the Marquis of Anglesey across from the theatre. The DH spent a day in bed after luch there before the show