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Best jarred salsa verde...and no, I'm not going to make it so don't go there.

Tonight we are having a pork roast for dinner. Later in the week I want to make some QUICK pork enchilada verdes but need input on the best brand of salsa verde. I'm not interested in making verde sauce as this needs to be fast and it's just for Dh and me.

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  1. Herdez brand is my go-to, comes in a smallish 8 or 10 ounce can; hopefully, you can also find it where you are.

    1. La Costena and San Marcos also, in the little cans.

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      1. I'll second the Herdez brand. I much prefer it over the La Costena and San Marcos brands.

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          I made some Tinga the night after this post and had a tasting with the three brands since it's been so long since I have had Costena, and San Marcos.. Herdez won hands down in this household. I would have made my own, but the kitchen remodel has a few weeks left.
          I'd suggest buying as many cans as you can and tasting. The little ones are under a buck where I am in every store.

        2. Herdez if you can't be bothered to make it yourself.

          1. I agree with the people above. Herdez is good. They should have it at most grocery stores.

            1. If you've got Trader Joe's near you, you might want to try their Salsa Verde in the 12 oz. glass jar. Herdez would be my second choice.

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                  We've got both of these in our pantry right now and I'd go with the Herdez first and the TJ's second. The Herdez, especially, cooks better than the TJ's.

                2. I love Mrs. Renfro's, but it's really spicy.

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                    I went to a local Latino market and found small cans of Goya salsa verde and the ingredients list had nothing weird, so I went with that (the label was different than the Goya labels at grocery stores). It was very good....better than many salsa verdes I've had in Mexican restaurants.

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                      The Goya and the Herdez in cans from the Latin markets near our house in Charlottesville have always struck me as being very similar. Glad to hear it was tasty. We use the same cans of salsa for quick egg dishes and shrimp tacos, too.

                  2. Interesting to see so many endorsements for Herdez. Last time I tried it, it seemed pretty watery to me. Maybe they changed the formula. I'll have to try it again.

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                      Herdez has been pretty consistent in it's flavoring to me for the last 5 yrs. That's not to say it's the greatest salsa ever, but it's certainly the best jarred salsa verde in a can that I have come across. I have not tried them all, since I usually make my own, but herdez will do nicely in a pinch imo - compared with the other brands I've tried.

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                        It's a thin salsa, no doubt. We really like the taste of it, though. I also noted above that it's a really good option if you're going to cook it in a dish. The fact that it's thin helps with that because it can be reduced a bit.

                      2. Goldwater's Salsa Verde in a jar is delicious. Their recipe for enchilada's with it has become a family standard. All others seem thin and watery. This is the Goldwater (Barry) family in Arizona. May not be available every where, but you can order from a website. Other good salsa as well, but the verde is a favorite.