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Feb 23, 2009 05:17 AM

fyi: thai ingredients -- recommended brands

i found this useful -- recommended brands from a thai cooking teacher:

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    1. re: bigjeff

      big jeff, you're welcome. at the end of the introductory section, also notice the "one page to print" feature in pdf or html formats -- makes a handy list to take to the store......

    2. This is fantastic, thanks so much! I wish there were similar ones for Chinese and Japanese ingredients. The threads we get from time to time here are great, but sometimes it is hard to sort through all of the replies and I never remember when I'm actually at the store!

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      1. re: Minnow

        Here's a link referencing Chinese ingredients that people found helpful when the Dunlop books were Cookbooks of the Month:

      2. That is helpful. Thanks, alkapal.

        Isn't it interesting, though, the extent to which opinions differ. Especially with fish sauce, it seems as though one expert's favorite is another's worst ever. I wonder how much of it is a question of cultural preference.

        Here, for instance, is Andrea Nguyen giving a big thumbs up to both Three Crabs and Tiparos.

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        1. re: JoanN

          you're welcome, joanN.

          and yes, i too thought about the varied opinions while reading the thread, specifically about those two brands! right now, i've got tiparos, but will look to restock with some golden boy to see the difference.

          i seem to recall that ming tsai likes three crabs.....
          "YES, my memory is pretty darn good)!" <she said, in shock>:

          from ming tsai:
          "Fish sauce
          Called nam pla in Thailand and nuoc man in Vietnam, this Southeast Asian staple is a product of salted and fermented anchovies and is used there as the Chinese use soy sauce. I prefer the Thai Three Crab Brand, which has a fresh sea taste and slight sweetness. Though fish sauce will keep on the shelf, it is best stored in the fridge once opened."
          Available in Ming's Pantry

          you can look at his pantry to see what he's recommending, although they allow a suitable substitution if your selection is not available....
          lots of lee kum kee, a sponsor i presume.

          and $8 for fish sauce? that seems high to me! the last thai grocery i went to, i asked about their biggest seller... it was the tiparos.

          1. re: JoanN

            Yes it is interesting indeed. When I was stationed in Thailand serving in the Air Force the most popular brand by far, in fact I don't remember seeing any other brand on a table in a restaurant or street cart than Tiparos. I'm not going to date myself suffice to say that was many many years ago. Tiparos is top quality and was literally the first brand to make it to most people's kitchen (when they stopped making it themselves). From what I understand it is still very popular. You can probably pay more for other pricy fancy labled & bottled brands that have become popular here in the U. S. but for me, I wouldn't bother. Just like Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce which has brands that try to copy it to the point of bottling and labling it to look like Sriracha, so does Tiparos. My feeling is don't mess with tradition. Especially when it comes to Thai food. Unless of course you're trying to go all 'bistro' with it. No for me.

            1. re: JoanN

              minnow, i seem to recall a thread a while back....let me search for it to see if i can help you out. maybe some other hound recalls the thread, or has it bookmarked?

              here's a thread on favorite hoisin, but it isn't the one i was thinking of...