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Feb 23, 2009 02:59 AM

Greek/Med in RI?

Does anyone know of a good Greek place in RI? General Mediterranean is alright, too, but I'd really prefer something authentically Greek. I know Efendi's in Cranston has a couple of Greek dishes on the menu... but can anyone think of anywhere else?

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  1. Estia in Wakefield

    There is a Syrian restaurant also in Wakefield called Marko's Kabobs and More...

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    1. re: Sean

      There's Andreas on Thayer Street (Greek) but I'm generally not a fan. Opa! on Federal Hill is Lebanese with several Mediterranean dishes I believe...

      - Garris
      Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog

    2. You could try the European Cafe in Smithfield

      I've never been so I can't speak to the food however!

      1. After having been spoiled by having a great Greek restaurant nearby when I lived in Boston, I have looked and not found anything in the Providence area. I share Garris's opinion of Andreas. The European Cafe has even less Greek on the menu then Effendi's.

        At this point, my family 1) takes advantage whenever we happen to otherwise be in the vicinity of Watertown and 2) hits the Greek festivals during the summer in Pawtucket and Newport.

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        1. re: Frobisher

          the greek fest in cranston is pretty great too,a lot bigger then newports,lots of different food choices that newport doesnt have too.havent been to pawtuckets,but well check it out this summer.i love the slow roasted lamb dinner!!!!!!o yeah,the ouzo,pasteries,etc,etc,etc.,im dying to go to greece,YUM!!!!

        2. Markos is Narragansett is my favorite. Their falafel are the best anywhere.

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            Having looked at the menu on line, Markos seems more Middle Eastern/Mediterranean than Greek: No pastisio or moussaka; lots of kababs, falafel and wraps.

            1. re: Frobisher

              There is a greek deli (lunch only) in Cranston (Athenos I think) on Route 5 near Haruki. They usually have some good authentic dishes on the menu, you could probably ask them where there might be a good greek restaurant for dinner.

          2. Ardeo at the sight of the old "Rafaels" in downtown Prov. will be opening soon. Their Mediterranean food at their locations on the Cape is outstanding.

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            1. re: maginn08

              There's a cute pizza place with a full bar in Cumberland called Angelo's. On Saturdays they have Greek night. I have not had the Greek yet, but the rest of their food is pretty good.