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Feb 22, 2009 08:21 PM

Awesome Hunan Food in Richmond

Just returned from an excellent Hunan place in Richmond. Its called Gordon Park - Xiangcai Museum. Its located at 4160 No 3 Rd.

We ordered 4 dishes in total.

Cumin Beef, Beer Duck, Farmers Pork, Bacon w/ Preserved Bamboo Shoots, and stir-fried shredded potato.

The cumin beef though tender was a bit dry. 3/5 (picture 2)
The "farmers pork" which is think slices of pork belly stir fried with hot serrano peppers and garlic was really good. There was a good mix between the fatty pork belly meat and the lean meat underneath. 4/5 (picture 3)
The beer duck was served to us in a clay pot with fresh red chillies and cumin. This was the highlight of the evening it was amazing. the meat is slow braised in beer with spices and is falling off the bone. It was very spicy yet we could not stop eating it. 5/5 (picture 4)
The potato dish was just OK. Nothing to write home about. (picture 5)
The bacon with preserved bamboo shoots was decent and imparted a nice smokey flavour to the dish. Would have preferred the slices to be a bit thicker like at The Xiang in Burnaby but it was still pretty good. 4/5 (picture 9)
Having lived in a small town in Hunan for a few years I find this place the closest to Hunan home cooking in BC. The Xiang has better smoked meats but overall I prefer Xiangcai.

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    1. Great report oiboy! Great pics too! (Hope to see more of your reports here.)

      I have seen this place and heard about it from another board but have not been able to try it. (It is close to Golden Spring Szechuan).

      "Gordon Park" is apparently the name of a famous Hunan Restaurant in Taipei (information posted by HKDave at another food forum).

      1. BTW...have you been to Hu Hu Nan on Kingsway? I have been curious about it and have not been able to try it. (I suspect it is a resurrection of the old Hu Nan on Main St near Marine Dr).

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          Hey fmed I always enjoy your reports. We passed by Hu Hu Nan on the way to Prayag yesterday. We are going to check it out hopefully next Sunday. The intel on the place is quite positive, the owners are from a small town outside of Changsha called Shaoshan and had a popular family restaurant there before moving to Canada to send their kids to school here.

          1. re: oiboy

            Ah so it's not the old Hu Nan team. Good to know.
            Looking forward to your report!