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Feb 22, 2009 07:59 PM


looking for some in the calgary area shortly but since im heading to van in the spring i could look for some wondering if anybody has seen this item anywhere.mabye bite?

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  1. Sorry howlin, the only place I havd seen in was Beckta in Ottawa and I had to ask my server, what it was [smile] as I had never heard of it.


      I have only seen it on this website. I would like to buy some but it is only available in large quantities. Want to split an order?

      1. i had no idea it was gonna be this challenging ,im now on a mission ,i will find this here(and of course let sarah g in on it)thanks for the head up,

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          I'd be interested too as we schlepped some back from Italy for friends who work at Gourmet Warehouse 2 years ago. They couldn't find it in Vancouver then...

          1. re: howlin

            Thanks, howlin. I also saw it in Paris when I was there in December. But again, a large quantity and I didn't feel like schlepping it home. I had enough groceries.

            1. re: howlin

              success .flavors of the world by canyon meadows is suppose to have it .im heading down tomorrow and will post back to confirm.hope your reading this sara g?

              1. re: howlin

                I just happened to check in tonight! Thanks, howlin. Right now I am still in TN for a couple of weeks. I'll check it out when I return.

                1. re: howlin

                  Stopped in at Flavours of the World on Saturday and the owner mentioned he would probably have his next shipment of Bottarga by late Tuesday or on Wednesday.

                  We've been working through some of the spice mixes and teas at Flavours, and he keeps adding more cheeses and sausages, along with fresh pastas and sous vide entrees, so there is always something to try. Thanks to howlin and Sarah for giving me something new to look up and learn about, and Flavours of the World for carrying it!

                  1. re: truthserum

                    Do you know how much it will cost? I won't be back in the city until early Feb. Do you think he will still have some in stock?

                    1. re: sarah galvin

                      Stopped in on Saturday, and the order he had from Wednesday was sold out already, but he expected more this coming week. Seems to be a pretty regular order for him, but probably best to phone when you're back.

              2. The original comment has been removed